Thursday, 7 January 2016

Temple Spa In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt

You may say the world does not need more cleansing balms. I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong. 

*YOU MAY WANT TO READ QUICKLY - I just found out this is on a two for one. See below!

What is it?
'Temple Spa In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt contains beads that gently exfoliate the skin leaving it looking radiant before melting to release deeply cleansing ingredients'.

Who is it for?
Dry/dehydrated - first am cleanse and second pm cleanse 
Other skin types - pm massage stage

What’s in it?
Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Peg-100 Stearate, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Salvia Sclarea (Clary) Oil, Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) Oil, Geraniol, d-limonene, Linalool

Possibly acne/allergy/troubling for some ingredients?
essential oils - it smells more of the basil than the others

Natural? Organic? Man made? Vegan?
I assume natural, they don't seem to make organic claims, and vegan.

Tested on animals/sold in territories that advocate testing?
No/Unknown (but I don't think so)

What's not in it?
Shea butter - making it an option for acnaic, but it's built for dry/dehydrated.

How do you use it?/Where to use in your routine?
Apply a small amount - around 5-10p size. 8p size! ;)
Massage throughout the face in sweeping up and down movements. Think Madonna in the Vogue video, no circles.

What’s good about it?
You only need a teeny bit of this to get good massage, which is what I'm primarily concerned with when using this. It smells very 'spa', so if you want unscented, this is not for you. It gives great grip, and is the closest I would probably get to a scrub, the fatty beads in this dissolving upon application and massage.

Remember when massaging: Less is more. GRIP NOT SLIP.

Massage well, remove with a warm flannel - you will probably need three goes with the flannel. If you feel any residue afterwards, you haven't taken it off properly. Your skin should feel soft, smooth and comfortable.

What’s not so good about it?
Not much, perhaps the smell for some, but I like.

You don't need this if:
You have really active acne.
You already have a good massage cleansing balm.

You need this if:
You have dry/dehydrated/dull/mature skin that needs oopmh.
You don't have a good massage cleansing balm. 
You don't like acids and need to exfoliate without scrubbing your face off.

Similar products?
Champneys Super Rich Cleansing Balm (which I think is discontinued now)

The Deep Cleansing Melt is £28.00 for 60ml and available from  and at the time of publishing is on a TWO FOR ONE!

(I have not forewarned the brand about this post. I don't know how much stock they have or how long they will keep the promotion open.)

It's also available from if they sell out.

£28.00 for 120ml. SCORE.

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  1. Thanks Caroline sounds great! Is it (in a way) similar to Eve Lom's cleansing balm?

  2. My order was completed within a minute of this post going live. No exaggerations. Happy new year to you and yours, Caroline! My wallet curses you (and Chanel, cause i'm gonna have to buy that bloody foundation now too!) x

  3. Register (you can do it during checkout then enter the code again) and use WELCOME for 10% off 😘

  4. Ran as fast as my bunny slippers allowed...scored thank you thank you, now I can read the post properly 😁😁😁

  5. My favourite skincare enabler Mrs H :). I barely even read your post before clicking through. I justified it to myself by realising I cancelled my gym membership so the saved money can go on giving me fabulous skin even if the smaller thighs dream is on hold!

    Oh and thank you to the poster that shared the Welcome code xxx

  6. Oh dear. P&P to Ireland is £15 😀

    1. I got it through Parcel Motel, still expensive delivery (around €9) but not as much as £15.

    2. Good idea! Never thought of that!

  7. Oh this was sounding good until I got to lavender in the ingredients, damn allergy! x

  8. Caroline, I will be so skint this year but with superb skin πŸ˜‰ Many thanks!!!!

  9. So it bumps off Amanda Lacey? You need to try Hush and Dotti!

  10. what are the beads made out of? Are they articial micro beads?

    1. God no! I haven't recommended anything with those in for years. And I won't.

    2. They are crystallised beads of olive oil.

  11. Ah, never mind my question. You had the answer in the article. Thanks!

  12. Not a deal for us in the US. Just FYI. But rock on all the rest of you.

  13. I use the fabulous Emma Hardie Moringa balm (your fault!) so I undoubtedly don'the need this but......I also now need to buy the Chanel foundation and my Tata obsession is growing. All your fault!!!! My skin loves you though 😊😊

  14. The US site doesn't seem to be running the same 2 for 1 deal. ��

  15. This sounds lovely. And quite similar to the ESPA Optimal Skin Procleanser, in that they are both awesome for massage (though from the above it sounds like the ESPA one would be oilier) and that their beads dissolve. The ESPA ones are jojoba which melt deliciously. I might give this a go when I finish that.

    P.s. am pleased to see you are maintaining Madonna as a skincare inspiration. Long may it continue...!

  16. Thank you Caroline... I have just ordered this...roll on the 15th Jan so I can get the chanel foundation..

  17. Thank you Caroline... I have just ordered this...roll on the 15th Jan so I can get the chanel foundation..

  18. Literally just used the last of my Emma Hardie tonight and instead of repurchasing AGAIN I'm going to give this a go. Bargain at 2for1, I entered promo code WELCOME and got 10% off as well so bonus. Thank you Caroline x

  19. In the usa website the balm is not two for one:(

  20. In the usa website the balm is not two for one:(

  21. Thank you Caroline I love trying new cleansers, especially new cleansing balms. I have around 15 cleansing products on the go at all times... My new discovery is the SU:M37 melting cleansing balm. The texture is quite unlike any other I already own. It feels incredibly fine, silky and high end. It has only a very faint orange, citrus smell due to the high level of vit C I guess.
    I would love to hear you opinion on it, if you try it?...
    Long live "The Hirons clan"!

  22. I read an article that the US are banning products with micro beads in due to it effecting marine life. Have put my order through anyway for some.

  23. Me too just ordered mine too and made a note in my diary for the 15th. My bank balance curses you but my skin loves you.

  24. I am going to channel Marge now whenever I cleanse in the evening. Doesn't matter, Mr. Loca already this I am crazy.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  25. It sounds fab but I can imagine it's not a necessity for me. I have oily, hormonal acne prone skin and am more than happy with my Emma Hardie cleansing balm. I'll pass this onto my Mum though as I'm sure she might like it :)
    She's So Lucy

  26. The two for one deal is still available for UK. But no deals for me since I am in the US. ����

  27. Omigod I've never read a review so quickly, just because I was told to haha

  28. I have almost run out of my Elemis and Emma Hardie cleansers so this article was timed perfectly for me! I've put my order in and rather looking forward to trying this out asap. Thanks for the invaluable advice and for helping me empty my bank account time & again! :D

  29. received my order yesterday and I LOVE this. skin feels so soft and not tight after washing. thanks Mrs Hirons I love it :-)