Saturday, 27 February 2016

January Labs Giveaway Winner

Hi Lovely People!

The winner of the January Labs Giveaway chosen by random through Rafflecopter is Rikki Ardagh from Australia. :)

I'll see you Monday - organising my life this weekend.

Congratulations Rikki and thank you so much January!


  1. Hi caroline
    I'm from Mauritius and I'm a huge fan of yours. I badly need some advice.
    I'm facing an eruption of whiteheads since a month now. I've been very much strained lately and have also introduced new products to my skin regimen. also have blemish prone skin.

    morning: cleanance avene; serozinc or caudalie grape water (new) or clinique moisture surge (new); benzoyl peroxide; clinique moisture surge gel creme (new); zelens sunscreen (new)

    afternoon: bioderma micellar water; clinique TTDO; zelens z pure cleansing balm (new); clinique mild clarifying toner (new) or clarins gentle exfoliator (new); benzoyl peroxide; caudalie sos serum or caudalie serum defense anti rides (new) or NYR argan oil (new)

    also flannel cleanse and take fish supplements.

    please advise. hope to read you soon. thanks

  2. Your vlogs help me get organised on a weekend! ...I'll tidy up anyway x

  3. Congrats to the lucky winner!! I have only recently found you and OMG!!! THANK YOU! Lady Hirons you are a shining light in the firmament that is all things, beautiful and confidently feminine.

    I have been working my way through your blog by skin concern, new stuff I never heard of, and what I have in my (generous) skin care collection. I started straight away with your general recommendations as I had some good stuff, missing loads though!! I am mid 50's and had acne on and off since teens. I have done serious internal beauty work and time itself has got me to a stage where I no longer break out, but have a combination and sensitive skin that is prone to being congested. Any hoo, I have been doing the light layers and plenty of them, had EH balm already so was off to a good start. I did a facial sunday and can honestly say after a week my skin looks and feels amazing. Smooth and clear. I really look forward to my skin care where before it was hit and miss what to use, now I feel I know what to do and love it.

    The advice you give is fantastic, I love that you do budget, but mostly that you help to refine what we need when we are going to spend! Its worth saving up for a prestige product when you understand what you need.

    Most of all though I love the 'craic' (as we say here in Ireland) we get to be part of, whether it be on video or written, you are so funny, so real and a true breath of fresh air.

    Long Live Lady Hirons.

  4. Hi Caroline! I wasn't sure what was the best way to contact you about some quick skincare advice, so I'm hoping that you manage to see this post as I know you're super busy!

    I have used Elizabeth Arden products when I was about 17 when I suffered with acne, and it really helped to clear up my skin, but, I was wondering what your thoughts on Elizabeth Arden Skincare products, and also, what products or skin care brands you would recommend for Dry/Dehydrated Skin?

    Many thanks, I hope you're having a great day!