Monday, 29 February 2016

VLOG 22 - BRITs, Parent's Evening and strange accents.

Hi Everyone! Thank you for your patience last week on here. I wasn't around much as my 'other' job was demanding. Great, but demanding.

Normal week this week. Whatever that means these days. ;)

Dan and Phil!

Thank you Carly for being a top wingman (woman). Thank you Pixi for saying 'YES!' when I said 'Ooh fancy doing the BRITs and letting me pummel some faces?'.

Carly and Future

Cheesy grin or what? Calm down Hirons. James Bay's Band.

And thank you to the entire team at the BRITs, from production to events to dressing room peeps to catering. What a lovely bunch.

Jourdann Dunn in all her gorgeousness. And she's lovely too. How rude.

Ruth, Jo and some maniac.

Carly and Gerry Leonard

Aaron Draper - Adele's percussionist - also lovely.

Thank you Jo and Zoe, who kept us inline backstage. For the most part. ;)

See you next week!

*Every artist shown gave their express permission to be photographed, in most cases by the official photographer Piers Macdonald. Even Future, who appears to be asleep. And no, I did not give Drake a facial. Or Bieber. Calm down. (That was for my daughter. And my nieces. :) )


  1. You are the hardest working person I the behind the scenes at The Brits but the "no shoes" joy was hilarious. Praise be. Hallelujah ;)

  2. You may know already, but Jourdan mentioned you in her interview with IntotheGloss

  3. Your vlogs are my favorite to watch. So real and fun. It was fun to learn why you do the specific accents! haha!


    P.S. From a mama to another mama. How good it feels when the house is clean and tidy?!! Perfection, haha!

  4. Caroline, I truly hope your husband does not have TB, however, I laughed so hard when this came up during the vlog that I nearly wet my pants. You are an amazing woman for getting through all you did last week! Well done!!! Hope you are proud of yourself and extremely satisfied. BTW, the top and lippy colour combo your last shot on Monday was fabulous on you!! Can't wait for your next instalment of anything!

  5. Really great pics here..Lovely job, Thank you Mrs. Hirons.

  6. How do you become a global qualified advanced facialist? Where do you train students please? Thank you.

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your grey coat! Would you please let us mere mortals know where did you purchased it?

  8. Looks like an amazing (but tiring!) week- I love your positive energy and upbeat attitude throughout! Would love to hear what was inside the pixi goodie bags- haven't seen anything on the contents anywhere- and maybe what types of facials you did? We could all have a lot of fun trying to recreate the experience at home :')

  9. Hello! I truly enjoy your blog and youtube channel. It's nice to know you're a busy working mother and wife. You have taught me so many things and now I can even pick out skin care goodies for mum.

  10. Hi! You have taught me so much on your blog and channel; I can now go buy skin care presents for my mum!

  11. I'd love to follow you around for a week and live in your house so I could observe. I could do with some of your motivation and organisational skills! I find it so difficult tidying up after one child and myself, never mind mulitple children and a husband too. I wish my mum was a bit more like you :)

    Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort in to helping me learn new things. I hope you get something wonderful for Mothers Day!

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  13. Lmao ! Your blog makes me chuckle , the beauty stuff is a bonus xxxx

  14. I absolutely love your blog , Lmao at your old fella , my husband once had a tummy upset and asked me to call the doc , Bless em ! The beauty is a bonus , learnt loads of good stuff from your vlog