Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser

What is it?
'An innovative creamy, moisturizing cleanser that gently removes impurities and makeup without stripping skin of essential moisture.'

A hybrid between a cream/oil cleanser.

Who is it for?
All skins, especially sensitive and/or dry/dehydrated.

What’s in it?
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Lauryl Glucoside, Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Water, Moringa Oil/Hydrogenated Moringa Oil Esters, Manuka (Leptospermum) Honey Extract, Goat Milk Powder, Lactose, Milk Protein, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Bisabolol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Fragrance, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid

What's not in it?
parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, shea butter

Possibly acne/allergy/troubling for some ingredients?

Natural? Organic? Man made? Vegan?
natural/man made

Tested on animals/sold in territories that advocate testing?

How does it smell?
Unlike the original Goat Milk products, this smells lightly of vanilla. It's very pleasant and not overpowering.

How does it feel on the skin?
At first contact this seems to be a runny cream, almost congealed gel. Upon application and massage however, it immediately turns into a cream/oil consistency.

How do you use it?/Where to use in your routine?/1st or 2nd cleanse?
'Apply a small amount to dry face and neck and massage gently for 30 seconds.'

I would only add 'remove with warm facecloth' - although it does emulsify upon contact with water, so you can splash off if you prefer.

I would use this for mornings or second cleanse in the evenings.

How long before you should see results?
If you're sensitive and have been using the incorrect cleanser, your skin should feel softer after the fist application and should present with less redness post-cleanse.

How long did I test it for?
Two months.

How much is it? /Size/Approximate cost per usage?
$34.00 for 120ml. Used once a day this should last about 8 weeks, used twice a day it should last around a month, depending how heavy-handed you are, so either way around .53/54 cents a go. (please bear in mind these are very rough estimates!)

What’s good about it?
Praise the MAKER finally a cleanser from Kate Somerville that I can get on board with.
Prior to this, the brand only really offered foaming washes - very USA, and in fact, very 'L.A.'. Whilst it's understandable that most US brands have foaming cleansers due to the warmer weather, Californian brands in particular are fond of anything that can be applied and removed in showers, such is the long term and ongoing water shortage. Sounds nonsense, but 'tis true.
I did buy the Moisture Milk Cleanser when I was in LA in January, and I have high hopes, but trialled this one first.
This is a lovely cleanser, that does not in any way leave the skin tight or dry. It's gentle, oily yet not greasy, and leaves the skin clean, fresh and comfortable. It's pleasurable to use.

What’s not so good about it?
It still contains fragrance so if you have really sensitive skin, or any problem with fragrance, even though it states 'clinically tested for sensitive skin' you'd obviously have to take that into consideration.
At $34.00, and probably around £30.00 when KS does eventually come back to the UK (2017), it's definitely in the more expensive category of cleansers. Bear in mind though, that the best-selling high end cleanser in the UK is still more than double the price of this in the US for a similar amount.

Works well with?
Any acids for toning would be fine, and any pre-cleanse eye makeup remover would be fine.

Would I purchase/repurchase?

What’s the website like?
Brilliant. All information including ingredients are listed and you can shop by category/concern or collection. One of my favourites. www.katesomerville.com

Similar products?
REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel
Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser
OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing gel
NUDE Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser is $34.00 for 120ml and exclusive to Sephora.com and Sephora stores.

*At the time of publishing I am unsure how long the exclusivity lasts for.

*I did find out that Kate Somerville are discontinuing my favourite CC Cream at some point this year - I stocked up in LA - just a head's up. I use 04 Medium for reference. sephora.com/katesomerville
(How rude.)

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  1. Sounds wonderful. Can't wait to try it!

    Caroline, do you know what's going on with Nude skincare? It looks like they're leaving Sephora (only three products left on website, all on sale) and their social media accounts haven't been updated since early February after previously having been updated regularly.

    1. I've heard that NUDE is going to be sold @ Target from here on out (&, as you already deduced, will no longer be @ Sephora). Hope that helps!

    2. Just saw this! Thanks, I appreciate it.

  2. I'm confused, it has milk protein but it's vegan??

    1. No its not. I clearly didn't cut and paste properly! Fixed now.

  3. I am confused how something that contains goat milk powder and milk protein is vegan. Are these from a synthetic rather than a natural source? - Laura (since it posts me as "unknown".

  4. Thanks for the heads up about the CC cream, I hate when I finally find something I love and it gets discontinued. :(

    1. Yes, Caroline, thanks for the heads up on the CC Cream. Also stocking up now!!

  5. Just in time for the Sephora spring VIB sale! Always love reading your reviews. Just wondering if you could recommend a cleanser for the Mr. He has sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts and has yet to buy into the "skincare is more than bar soap on face" concept. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Lots of love from Canada!

    1. pnaiviv, Do you happen to know when the spring sale is this year? I have been scouting around and I cannot seem to find the dates - Laura.

    2. If you're trying to convert him from a more traditional bar soap, perhaps check out Drunk Elephant's bar cleansers as they are nothing like anything else in a bar, aka they are actually good for the skin! Sephora offers a mini pack of both (1oz each) as well as the large bars individually; perhaps if you got him the pack of both minus he'd find a new fave without even realizing he'd made a big change. I've heard great things about both bars & they rec'd top ratings on beautypedia.com, I ordered during the VIB sale & am awaiting arrival of mine. Hope that helps & good luck!

  6. Kate Sommerville is one of the brands I am meaning to try but somehow never get round to.


  7. Just a note--unless I'm reading this incorrectly it's not vegan. It's has milk products among the ingredients. I love Kate Sommerville, but I haven't used her "goat milk" products for this reason.

  8. Hi Caroline,
    My first comment on here and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and binge viewing your vlogs... like pretty much all if them... today.

    You're making me buy my first oil/balm/jelly cleanser now but i'm still debating what would suit my "male", 26 year old, still somewhat acne prone, oily skin. Make-up is not an issue but i'd like it to be somewhat of a treat(ment). Main thing is for it to leave no greasy residue, I guess.

    I did read through your reviews and watched the second cleanser video but maybe you have a recommendation to shoot from the hip? ;)

    Greetings from Berlin,

  9. Oh, and do you have an opinion on "This Works - light time: cleanse and glow" or those cleansers with water activated vitamin c per se?

  10. Hi Caroline didn't know where the best place to contact you was but was wondering if it is a good idea for me to start using retinol i follow a consistent routine Im only 20 nearly 21 am i too young to start thanks so much Charli x

  11. One for the wishlist, well when it releases in Australia....probably in 12-24 months. So behind here lols.
    The Beauty Bloss

  12. What does "natural/man made/vegan" mean? This isn't vegan because of the goat milk.
    Caroline, can you please make a video of yourself doing your PM cleanse routine?

  13. Just a reminder for those who are trying to be as cruelty free as possible - Kate Somerville is now owned by Unilever (Dove etc) so while KS may not test on animals directly, the parent company obviously does. I stopped buying her products because of this but then I'm a bit of a hippy ( and avoid P&G and Unilever)

    1. I'm w/ you 100%! Don't have to be a hippie to care about animals & be against senseless & completely unnecessary animal testing. I've purchased cruelty-free for quite some time but have more recently tightened my definition in that I have now stopped buying from brands w/non-CF parent companies. It may be a bit more difficult to find reviews, swatches, etc but there are plenty of great CF companies available at every price point. Kudos for posting the info got those who are trying to purchase CF but don't have the most up-to-date info.

  14. Gylicerine as second ingredient...I'm no way to be an expert, but based on the ingredients, it doesn't seem to be anything special.

  15. Thanks for the review Caroline! Maybe one day we will get this in Australia and I can give it a go, everything takes so long to get down to us :) you made reference to the best-selling high end cleanser in the UK being double the price, what cleanser would that be? Just curious :) Thanks heaps!

    1. I wondered too, did a bit of googling and think it might be Eve Lom??

  16. Am very interested in trying Kate Somerville products when they make their way onto this side of the Atlantic. Love the little revamp of your review structure, it's always helpful to know how long the product has been tested for.

  17. I'm feeling so disgruntled that the CC cream is going to be discontinued!!!!!! VERY rude. Ugh.
    Any word as to what will replace it?

    Can't wait for KS to FINALLY get back to the UK.

  18. Hi Caroline! :) I have a question/request that has nothing to do with this post, hehe... Could you make a Rosacea Cheat Sheet? I tried searching on your blog, and although you have mentioned and written a post about it, I still find it a little bit confusing and frustrating...

    I just got a diagnosis and have started an antibiotic cure... Waiting to see a dermatologist (apparantly a lot of waiting time...). I've heard that you can't use oils, which is freaking me out, and my "skin-rash" (?) (I have a lot of bumps around my eyes, nose and mouth) is really flaky and dry.

    1. For what it's worth, I've also been diagnosed with rosacea just recently.

      In Japan they actually recommend simple, unadorned facial oils to combat the flakiness. The mantra here seems to be "moisturize". Rice oil really helped with my dryness.

      It's interesting to see how different cultures approach rosacea.

    2. You may want to check out the various products available in Paula's Choice new "calm" line. I have mild rosacea & have not yet tried the newer Calm products but do love the PC Skin Recovery line, in particularly the cleanser, toner, SPF moisturizer, & BHA lotion. I believe the toner in the calm line is similar in texture/feel (milky) but minus an ingredient or two that some may be sensitive to, & I'm pretty certain the SPF moisturizer & BHA lotions are identical, so I can 100% vouch for those. When I want/need a bit less moisture I love the Hydralight SPF. They have a great return policy & also offer samples; when I first ventured into the line I ordered two things (toner & 1% BHA lotion) as well as a handful of samples & then very gradually/slowly tried one item at a time. First Aid Beauty also has some products that seem to do very well for many w/ rosacea/ very sensitive skin. The few items I have tried have worked for me, though not to a degree to takeover my current go-tos. In the morning - when I'm not needing to remove any SPF or makeup - I like Cerave's moisturizing cleanser, & their mineral SPF is quite good as well. Last but not least I have recently fallen in love w/ Pacifica's coconut cleanser; it does have a tad bit of fragrance in it but as it is not something that stays on the face in seem to be getting away with it, though if course do what is best for your own skin. Hope the info helps & good luck!

  19. Dear Caroline,

    Firstly, I'm really enjoying the regular reviews that have been going up recently, thank you! :)

    Really sorry to be hijacking the post with an irrelevant enquiry but I really hope you can offer some advice for a friend. She's been struggling with cysts around the chin and outer cheeks for years. The derm offered vitamin A pills but in the end they decided to try benzoyl peroxide (5%) cream for 6 weeks at first.

    Having seen your video with Dr. Bunting on female acne, I was a bit surprised to hear that my pal's derm asked her to apply a cream with a high consistency of BP all over her face *twice daily* for 6 weeks non- stop. He also said that she shouldn't use any other products, but sunscreen (*eyebrow & shudder*). The cream package instructs no 'oily' products to be placed on top. I've raised my concerns but she wished to give the derm's instructions a fair shot. While her cysts are less painful now, her face is peeling and her epidermis is quite sore. Just wondering, am I wrong in thinking she could do with using a light serum underneath and a good oil/cream on top to help with the severe dryness this treatment is causing? I might be, as I am no expert, but that treatment sounds a bit relentless.

    Apologies for the long comment and thank you so much in advance for any advice.
    Hope you're enjoying your time with the family!

  20. Caroline I can't find any info on this but I just bought the goat milk moisturizer and now a new ones out. Do you know what they changed that is in the new formula? Thank you

  21. I just bought this yesterday at Sephora (it wasn't even on the shelves yet) and have used it so far for my PM second cleanse and AM cleanse and I really like it! I wasn't expecting how "solid" it would be coming out of the tube, but it melts really nicely. Thanks for the recommendation Caroline!

  22. Hi Caroline,
    What do you think of the reformulated Goat Milk Cream? Are the changes good/bad? Loved the old one... afraid of repurchasing now.
    Thanks x

  23. I am so sad that they have reformulated the Goat Milk Cream. The old formula was a miracle for my very sensitive allergy-prone skin and eyes. I am stocking up on the old one. Truly heart broken.

  24. Could you let us know what you think about the reformulation of the goat milk cream? It looks very different. Thanks!

  25. Hi Caroline! Upon your recommendation, I bought this cleanser as soon as it became available on Sephora.com and I loved it! However, a few weeks ago, I started having difficulty squeezing product out of the tube. Now, nothing comes out of the tube anymore. It seems like the product dried up inside. I tried to poke at it with a stick - an oily liquid comes out but everything else seems to have solidified. The tube says 12M shelf life, I've had mine for less than 5 months. It's still more than half full, so I am very disappointed. :(

  26. Hi Chassiness,

    I have the a similar problem - I purchased the Goat Milk Cleanser a few weeks ago when I was in the US and I opened it last night - it seems the product has separated between an oil and a heavier gel type product. Even when the cleanser is sitting on my shelf, the oil is running out of the tube. I've just had a look on the Kate Somerville website and I can't find the Goat Milk Cleanser so it looks as though they know there's a problem with the formulation. I live in Ireland so I can't return the product to Sephora.