Thursday, 5 May 2016

Currently testing... Votary Super Seed


One of my favourite launches of last year was the Votary brand - in particular the cleansing oil, that has been a permanent addition to my cupboard since it launched. I got my hands on some lab samples of the new Super Seed range last week and first signs are that they've hit another home run. This is a slightly more high-end addition - containing 21 super seed oils in the facial oil alone.

And the best part for those of you with 'smell' issues/allergies? It's completely fragrance-free, as per customer request. Nice work Ladies.

Launch details to follow - but watch this space Mid-June:


  1. I am super keen to try some Votary products. Looks like this will be top of the list!

  2. Sounds exciting. Let us know your final thoughts!

    Happy Friday!! Kisses,

  3. Hi caroline, L O V E your blog, and vlogs! I really fancy some Votary in my life, have you tried any of their face oils? Worth a go? Xxx

  4. Oooo cant wait for your final review

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