Friday, 13 May 2016

Meet The Beauty Experts - M&S Westfield White City

Not sure whose idea this was, or if it's safe, but Amanda and I are at M&S Westfield tomorrow afternoon talking all things Pixi. The info is here:

They've put us in the 'Entertainment' section which, if you have ever seen us together, is apt.

See you tomorrow between 12 and 4pm in the Beauty Dept. And if your memory needs refreshing - this may help.

Skip to 16:09 - that will be us tomorrow. :)


  1. I am off to Gen Beauty in Toronto today, and you two will be greatly missed!! Seriously I would have loved to meet you so everyone will have a blast at Westfield. Xo

  2. Ladies, was delightful to meet you all yesterday! Thank you for the lovely eyebrows and entertaining gas about babies, how big they get and what happens when the g friends turn up!! Fun afternoon (lovely products too ���� ) X