Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Appointments Update

I just wanted to say both a lovely big 'Thank You', tagged in with an equal share of apology.

Thank you to all of you that enquired about having a treatment. We are full with a very large wait list. There have been some adjustments so a small amount of you may still get an email.

The apology goes to all of you that applied and didn't hear back. We expected to be busy, but were literally overwhelmed with interest. Please accept my apologies for the radio silence. We will look at sending out an automated email next time, but that in itself can be logistically challenging.

Regardless, know that I appreciate each and every one of you and will be opening up dates for September by the end of July.

You'll hear it hear first.


  1. So mad with myself that I did get a call being offered appt for yesterday but I could not accept it as I had an important hospital appt to attend so would have been double booked :-((

  2. Hospital appointment ranks tops over a facial. Get better then treat yourself to one. Get well soon xx

  3. How do you sign up. I was keeping a look out but obviously missed it :(

  4. Hi Is it possible to sign up? I called for an appointment and wasn't given the option. Tks!

  5. Have you tried anything from B. Kamins or Eminence? What are your thoughts on these brands?

  6. You must be run off your feet! "all of you that enquired about having a treatment" - I think you mean "who" - and
    "You'll hear it hear first". (I'm a pedant.)

    That aside, you have got me using Tata Harper products and face cloths and loving it!

  7. Hi Caroline!
    First of all, can I just say I absolutely love your blog! I've been following your blog & youtube channel for some time now and I am so happy that I've found you! Love reading your thoughts and advices on products. I was wondering if you could tell me is this skincare product list ok for me to use since I am planning on purchasing these products (FYI: I have an acne-prone, sensitive, oily skin):
    -Cleanser: The bodyshop Camomile Cleasing oil
    -Toner: Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion
    - Serum: REN Evercalm Anti-redness Serum (previously known as Hydra-calm Youth defence serum)
    - Moisturiser : Simple Light Moisturiser

  8. Oh god how did I miss this???? How can I get on the booking list??? Xx

  9. OMG! Fantastic! Mum and I will be in the UK in mid/late September! I am so treating her to one! Just a quick question of I can Caroline, when the booking do open up again, how does the booking work? Is it an email/phone/webbookong thing? So excited now