Sunday, 5 June 2016

Bobbi Brown Pro Online

Just a small queue at the Bobbi stand on Friday. 

Well this is very exciting for Pro/Student Makeup artists. Bobbi Brown are moving their pro discount programme online. You can now apply online, send back supporting documents to validate your credentials electronically and shop online to receive your discount.

The discount is 35% for Make-up Artists, Industry Professionals and 20% for Students. The Pro discount can be redeemed on or at Free Standing Bobbi Brown Stores. The discount will not work in department stores.

I picked up these Pro Palettes on Friday at IMATs - if you're going today remember that these are massively reduced for the event. 

To see if you qualify for the pro status there is more info here:


  1. SO cool!

  2. I am by no means a pro, so I am not even checking. These palettes though are amazing. Probably pretty useless if you don't do makeup on other people, but I want them all the same.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. Is there a "Delusions of Pro" discount?? Like, if you send in a picture of your beauty storage that makes you look like a "Hoarders" episode in they making, then they have pity on you. . . . ? Sadly, I might qualify for that even though I just did a purge and reorg of my vanity.

  4. Even pro shades are disappointing for dark skin. Unless there are way more dark shades not pictured.