Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Disappointing Products | August 2016

Hi Everyone,

A little change of direction for me. I’m not a huge fan of ‘disappointing’ videos, but these deserved a mention.
In the case of Goop, as I say in the video, it may work well for you if your skin is appropriate for it.







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  1. It would have been neat to see you cut into the Honest Beauty container to have a look at the solidified brick of sheer tint. Ha! But, that's just me. I'm curious like that.

    1. Those bottles can't be cut up without a chainsaw!

  2. Love your honest reviews Caroline! You are not afraid to voice your disappointment but you are always fair in your assessments. You are not one to be negative for negatives sake & you do try to add something positive or helpful with each review! Appreciate ya!!!

  3. I bought the Honest Beauty fluid sheer tint and thought I got a really bad batch. It was nearly impossible to get out, but when it came smelled like a stinky belly button. Rancid. ON THE OTHER HAND, I had the moisturizer that went with it and that was a seriously awesome moisturizer. I really loved it.

    And I occassionally use their gel cleanser, and that has a really interesting (in a good way) scent. It's a shame that the tint didn't work out.

  4. I remember from a few months ago you reviewed the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cleanser...I bought it as a result and at first I really liked it. I was wondering if you had got to the bottom of the product and if you had the same experience that I did: because I was using it every day, storing it as I usually store my cleansers, and after a month or go it started to separate really badly. By two months in it sounds like the Honest Beauty fluid you review in this video, where you shake it and can hear something solid inside, and I was getting just a clear liquid when I squeezed the tube. Because it is a softer bottle I was able to get something out, but it was coming out as a quite solid gel that would just fall off my face in lumps instead of turning into a cleansing milk as it is supposed to...not very pleasant and very difficult to use. Did this happen to you as well or did I do something wrong? In my opinion, it is a major issue in what was at the beginning quite a lovely cleanser.

    1. Did you store it in your bathroom by any chance? If products get too hot, they might separate. I haven't tried that cleanser, so I would not know if it's a problem in general. But anyways I would also be disappointed. :/

    2. Thanks. I stored in my bedroom unfortunately, on my dressing table with the rest of my makeup and skincare. So I don't know...

  5. Even though these are not your usual videos to film, I really enjoyed watching you go on a rant for once.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  6. I'm very glad that you did this review. Because I think you're a woman of integrity, I want to hear about what you dislike as well as what you like. You just may stop someone from buying an unsuitable product.
    And while it's true that companies send you their products for free, in my view this is simply the cost of doing business. If you or any other well-respected "influencer" (I hate that word) likes something, that's a bit of publicity that is invaluable to them. And what has it cost them? The price (wholesale) of a box of product. And they will deduct those costs from their corporate taxes -- which will probably be lower, percentage wise, than what you or I are obliged to pay. They are not doing YOU a favor, but you are doing a great favor for THEM. If you like something, that's a huge win. And if you don't? Well, in business, as in life, you have to take the good with the bad. The good brands will learn from constructive criticism, and the bad ones will ultimately close.