Saturday, 27 August 2016

Instagram Update

Where does the time go? It's over a month since my last update and although it's been typically quiet in the beauty industry, I still have some lovely updates for those of you not on Insta. :)

I bought this from Amazon after seeing Trinny Woodall using it on her Facebook page. It's a slightly fancier version of the Body Shop roller.

This Jeunvie Balm was described as 'excellent, better than most I've used' by my eldest son, who has had severe eczema since he was born. He has tried everything on the market so that's a pretty solid claim. Outside of sunshine and salty sea water, this is one of the few things that seems to have genuinely helped.
Availabel from

My current lifeline supplement-wise. Folate and Zinc from Solgar and Spatone to boost my iron levels. I'm a long-term anaemic and thus far, this is working better than Floradix and prescription folic acid. Thank you to those of you that recommended the changes.  

Alyson Walsh is the blogger behind the brilliant That's Not My Age - a site for over 40s who refuse to be told how to dress just because they (we) are not 20. Style Forever is a great read and available from Amazon.

Out next week are new additions to Estee Lauder's Re-Nutriv line, including Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Serum and Regenerating Youth Creme. Thus far: lush.

I found myself using these almost exclusively over the last few weeks. (The other lip products I used on holiday will be up later this week). Still available on for £18.00.

Cornwall skincare was low-key:

I took Chanel's La Solution 10 but it was empty after three pumps. GGRR. Next time I'll check the weight before I pack!

Maria Tash opened in Liberty and I've already been in twice. Addictive.

Saw my Mrs at the Gleam Summer Party, where the young'uns partied all night in hot tubs (really) and we drank tea/hot chocolate in the corner talking about what we'd been watching on telly. Much more fun. :)

I bought this hardback of Estee Lauder's 1985 book, A Success Story from a third party on Amazon, and it turned up autographed!! Thrilled doesn't come close. I got it from this seller who still has some left. When I emailed them to ask if they had anymore with signatures inside, they offered me a full refund in case I was 'unhappy that it was inscribed'! No matey, I was very happy. 

So summer is coming to a close, I'm shopping for school uniforms and planning Christmas. Before you know it I'll be watching Elf and wrapping presents.


  1. Sunshine and salty sea water is the only thing I've found for my excema too! Need to move to warmer climates I think!
    Will certainly have a look at the balm, I find that my skin becomes tolerant to products and then become useless. Fingers crossed!

  2. Just watched some of your vlogs for the first time last night, Caroline, and I adore them. Thank you so much for sharing all your expertise and your life with us strangers! You are fabulous, please keep up the great work!

  3. I've been following your Instagram account for quite a while, and it's my favorite. You keep it real and fun but at the same time beautiful.


    P.S. When I saw that picture of you and Ruth having tea at the Gleam party, I thought that I would have been doing the exact same thing. Earl grey with milk + a good old chat...Perfection!

  4. Hi Caroline ta for a great post and loved your snaps of Greece - just stunning . Quickie for you if you have time to reply looked at the balm your son was using and it says on the website not suitable for using on the face , as someone with rosacea could it be used for this , ingredients look fine to me so I'm wondering why they advise not to .

  5. Hi Caroline thanks for a great post and stunning pics of Greece , wow would love to be there now .
    Advice please re balm your son was using , the advice given on the companies website advises not to use on face - any idea why the ingredients look fine to me ?? Thanks .

  6. I have the roller from The Body Shop, but I have to admit I don't use it regularly. I am going to try and make the effort this week! Congrats on the signed book - what a find!

  7. I've had uvb therapy from NHS Scotland twice in the past 5 years or so, and it makes the most miraculous difference to my ezcema. Especially the first time when I had glandular fever and my skin went completely bananas and nonresponsive to any creams. It's been a year since i finished the second round and I'm still not really using anything other than emollients. You have to pester your gp but if your son hasn't had it before I would really recommend trying to get a referral, it changed my life. I've not had to use anything but general body creams in over a year.

    Just my two pence anyhow!

  8. I refuse to say the C word until October.

  9. Caroline I thought you were anti skin rollers. Are they good for your skin?

  10. Caroline I thought you were anti rollers. Are they good for the skin?

  11. Hi Caroline. Re eczema have you come across Elenas nature collection. Used it on my head to toe covered baby 12 yrs ago and even was able to persuade a doctor to give out to me on prescription! Few years later when wanted it for dd2 I was firmly told by the practice manager that it was outside their budget and they would prescribe only steroids so I said, thank you very much and went and bought it direct from the website. Elena designed for burn recovery originally and has soap, oil and creams available that work together very quickly in our experience. We were able to get it under control fast. Maybe it would help others; I rarely hear it publicised and help with getting on prescription is on her website

  12. Estee Lauder have been killing it with their skincare!

  13. Hi Caroline would you recommend the balm for psoriasis?

  14. Funny. I'm also starting to draft my Christmas shopping lists. #shoppinggoals to get it all done before November.

  15. Just had a pay day splurge at the new bobbi brown counter in Swansea. The artist there was so lovely and helpful it makes it a pleasure to spend. So happy with the service makes a welcome change some counters can be so not bothered.☺☺☺ to bobbi brown swansea xx

  16. Dear Caroline I also have eczema, it is confined to my hands and sunshine and salt water do not work for me at all. What really does wonders for me is a moisturizer from a brand called D'Aveia that was recommended by my dermatologist. If your son would be willing to try it I would very gladly send you a tube of it for him to try it. It really helps to calm my eczema and I feel it prevents the flare ups.

  17. I'm quite interested in that folate supplement as I am on prescription folate supplements, as we all know they can mask a B12 deficiency. By the sounds of it this one might not! Thanks for sharing.
    Zinc supplementation however, can interfere with iron absorption so it might not be the best thing to take if you have iron deficient anaemia.

  18. I have chronic b12 deficiency and have to take folic acid regularly along with my b12 injections because b12 uses up both folic acid and iron to make blood cells (I also have an iron infusion every 2 years as I have Crohns). Have you had your b12 levels checked as well? Need to be off b12 supplements including energy drinks and b complex for 4 months before testing to see if you are absorbing it from food or not. If you aren't absorbing it then oral b12 supplements won't help because it's a large complex molecule and requires a complex, intact enterohepatic cycle to process the b12 at all. You'd need b12 injections if that were the case.