Thursday, 1 September 2016

Eve Appeal Announcement

As September 1st officially launches GCAM - Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month - I am thrilled to announce that I am joining the brilliant Eve Appeal as an Official Ambassador.

The Eve Appeal is the only charity dedicated to all five women's cancers in the UK and is at the forefront of critical research into and raising awareness of vulval, vaginal, cervical, womb and ovarian cancers. 

I've been working with the Eve Appeal on and off since 2010 when I was part of the team that launched the All for Eve brand into retail. I've seen first hand the critically important work that they do and watched from the sides as the uptake of smear tests has dropped, and as the media continues to treat women's reproductive organs like they are dirty words. 
Only this week when sending out press release for the launch of GCAM, the Eve Appeal had their emails filtered into a 'quarantined' section of the recipient's server because it contained the word 'vagina' in the header. VAGINA. You know, that body part that women have. Doesn't happen with 'testicle'.

Launching #bubblesandbush last week on the Good Ship Benefit

There is much work to be done. The figures range from horrifying to shocking to just plain embarrassing. 60 per cent of women cannot pick out the vulva on a medical diagram. SIXTY PER CENT. Among the same group, 70 per cent recognised the penis, foreskin and testicle on men. *head explodes*

 Can you label the diagram?

Athena Lamnisos, Chief Executive of The Eve Appeal said: “It is wonderful of Caroline to join us as an Ambassador of The Eve Appeal. With 1 in 5 women unable to name a single sign or symptom of gynaecological cancers, and with almost a third of 16 to 35 year olds avoiding going to the doctors as they are too embarrassed to talk about these issues, the need to break the stigma and raise awareness has never been more urgent.”
“We are all incredibly grateful to Caroline and are very much looking forward to working with her.”

21 women a day will die of a gynae cancer

My work with The Eve Appeal is dedicated to my Nana.

Official Announcement via The Eve Appeal


  1. It's so wonderful to see that you put out the same passion to this matter as to an acid toner :) and this is one of the reasons we follow you and love everything you write. It feels (and I'm sure it is) genuine!
    Women need to realize that being pretty starts from within and from embracing the amazingness of our bodies and everything that comes with it, and that no man, or woman even, should dictate what is appropriate (vagina, vulva, blood, mucus, ovary, whatever that goes on down there!) to say.
    Thank you for sharing these numbers and for making me sure that I don't need to apologize next time I need to go the gynecologist!

  2. Ooooo, this is fun!
    A: Ovaries
    B: ??
    C: Vulva
    D: Fallopian Tube(s)
    E: Vaginal Canal
    F: Uterus

    WHAT IS B?!

  3. Brava, Caroline!

    Here in the States, a female legislator was censured in the Michigan House of Representatives for using the word "vagina" within the perfectly appropriate context of a debate on women's reproductive rights. (WHY we are "debating" a woman's right to decide anything about her own body is also problematic, but I digress.)

    Unbelievable! Many of us then went to the Statehouse to protest, wearing t-shirts with a map of Michigan and the word "vagina" superimposed in a very large font. If I can still find them, I'll send you one. :)

    I have heard perfectly intelligent, educated women refer to their genitals as "down there," "lady business," and the dreaded "vajayjay" (thanks for nothing, Oprah!) Really? As women we must stop thinking of our own bodies as shameful, dirty, or somehow obscene if we're ever going to beat these horrible diseases. Thank you for all that you do on our behalf.

  4. Fantastic news - my mind still boggles at how the mainstream media still can't seem to get their head around the word 'vagina' (I mean c'mon, really?!!), so it's great to see someone like yourself working with such a great organisation to raise awareness of these important issues! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. Thank You. that's all. Thank you.

  6. Super proud of you Caroline! This feels like an issue we should've been confronting 60 years ago, not in 2016. But I'm so happy to see you put yourself out there and to make women more aware of their bodies. And be bloody proud! As someone who suffered ovarian cancer at 23 (now 29, all good!), I was able to notice the tumour growing in my tummy (ovary) early enough so that it didn't burst and spread malignant cells throughout my body. Unfortunately, the time it takes to book in for surgery it took about 4 weeks from me finding the lump, the doctor confirming, ultrasounds and hospital bookings, and by that time I looked 8 months pregnant and they removed a 3kg tumour!!

    Minor brag - 6 out of 6. :)

  7. My maternal grandmother also died from a gynae cancer, ovarian in her case. It was hushed up back then in 1966 and was referred to as "stomach" cancer. My mum was only 14 when she died and I don't think she's ever got over it. I also have a friend who was diagnosed with it following fertility investigations, having had no symptoms at all. She had to have her uterus and ovaries removed, also robbing her of her wish to have children. Thank you Caroline, for becoming an ambassador. I hope awareness of gynae cancer becomes as widespread as breast cancer xx