Sunday, 18 September 2016


The winners of the Murad Giveaway are:
  1. Helene Frost
  2. Gemma Delaney
  3. Lorraine O'Grady
  4. Nikki Pickering
  5. Orla (orlskeenan)
  6. Amy Hughes
  7. Suzy Burrage
  8. Liz Ottaway
  9. Niall Kavanagh
  10. Iris Waldburger
CONGRATULATIONS ALL! You'll get an email from me in the next day. :)

Thank you Murad. 


  1. Ooh, congrats to the lucky winners; am only ever so slightly jealous!

  2. Caroline, can you please advise what skincare is worth buying in the USA price or availability wise in comparison with the UK? My husband is going there, so I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity of a nice present. Just in case - I am a new mum of a 5 month old, late 20s, no specific skin problems (even if I say so myself), but would love a treat.