Tuesday, 6 September 2016

PIXI Skintreats Anniversary and the return of Glow Mud Cleanser!

This time last year Pixi launched their Skintreats range to instant sellout success. To celebrate the anniversary they are holding an open event at the Foubert's Place London Flagship on Thursday with all manner of goodies happening.
The main excitement is that Petra, the Founder of Pixi, is coming over for the party. Petra, Amanda, the brilliant team and I will be nagging hanging around between 5pm and 8pm talking all things beauty, Pixi and skincare. There are goodie bags, bubbly and makeovers/mini facials galore. Further details at the bottom of this post.

The return of Hinge and Bracket.

In other news, a Public Service Announcement:

GLOW MUD CLEANSER IS BACK IN STOCK. This is not a drill. ;)

Aside from the obvious Glow Tonic frenzy, this was the standout Hero of the Skintreats range and it has been sold out for what seems like ages.
It's back, and available here: www.pixibeauty.co.uk

Pixi Skintreats Event
Thursday 8th September
5pm - 8pm
22a Foubert's Place, London

Call 0207 287 7211 to reserve a spot for a makeover/mini facial. (There is no entry feee but they are expected to be very busy slots - I would book if you can.)

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  1. Dear Caroline, thanks for all the info and the amazing blog you share with us all :) I have a question, do you know if the Overnight Glow Serum has been discontinued or is just a temporary thing? I love it very much, grat on dry skin, gives results and the price is perfect but it's almost 5 months I've been searching everywhere on Pixi website and others selling the brand with no results whatsoever...do you know about it or maybe could you ask them if they'll restock it soon? thank you in advance Caroline, have a great week xxx

    1. No it just sold out worldwide. It'll be back really soon I'm sure! :) x

  2. Caroline has the formula of the glow tonic changed? A few people in the 12k strong FB skincare group I administer have made a comment it has a different scent and performs differently to previous ones they have bought.

    1. The scent is naturally derived and so will always be slightly different. Only a product with a full synthetic fragrance will always be the same. xx

  3. Pixi products, wonderful as they may be, have the worst customer service I have encountered in a long time. I am in business and have grown up in a business. I've learned the significance of customer service. Pixie needs to get their act together. I, for one, won't tolerate it. Thank you for this opportunity to express my concerns.