Sunday, 23 October 2016

Incoming, Upcoming, and Outgoing

Outgoing: my beloved Fig Clarins Hand Cream, sadly only available in a small size as a Limited Edition in a three pack with other flavours. Please, please, please, Clarins, make this in full size. I'm begging. And not above bribery. Help a girl out.

Advent madness:

'It's the most wonderful time of the year.......'

Well, almost. (Let's get through Halloween first eh?)

 First up - Liberty's mammoth Beauty Advent Calendar. This is £165.00, but the contents are properly hefty.

I don't always list the contents of these calendars but if you're shelling out that much, you want to know what you're getting for your money...

Hidden behind the doors is the following..

Aveda Hand Relief, 40ml
Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer, 30ml
Votary Facial Oil, 30ml (full size)
Davines Oi All in One Milk, 50ml (full size)
Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo, 30ml
Byredo Bal d’Afrique Hand Cream, 30ml (full size)
Le Labo Santal 33 or The Noir 29, 15ml (full size)
NARS Mini Laguna Bronzer or Mini Babydoll Lip Gloss
Marvis Toothpaste, 2 x 10ml
Surratt Blush (full size)
Diptyque Mini Candle, 70g (full size)
ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy, 30ml
JINsoon Coquette Nail Varnish (full size)
Dr Sebagh Serum Repair, 20ml (full size)
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink (full size)
Aurelia Refine & Polish Miracle Balm with Cloth, 20ml
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, 13g
Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturiser, 30ml
C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve in a Tube (full size)
Trish McEvoy Lip Colour in Pink Nude (full size)
Skin Laundry Gentle Foaming Face Wash, 50ml
Blink Brow Night Balm (full size)
Eve Lom Cleanser and Cloth, 30ml
Kai Body Lotion, 60ml
ODeJo Fragrance, 50ml (full size) 

Next up is M&S. When you spend £35 or over in beauty, clothing or home, this is available for £35.00. Available on 10th November. Get it while you can, they go ridiculously quickly. Here's your link if you want to save it for the 10th.

Back to Clarins: Ok I don't know what is in this, and I'm actually hiding this one from the teenager and keeping it for myself. The list is available online but I'm avoiding it. What I do know is that it is extremely limited and £95.00. Again, it sold out insanely quickly last year. Available now from

Ciate Mini Mani Month is available now from ASOS at £50.00 and contains polishes, files and base and top coats.

And rounding up the new with a nod to the established. Bobbi Brown is 25 years old this year and there are numerous limited products released to celebrate, including this gorgeous 40-pan Dare to Shine Palette available now at £145.00. At the moment it's showing as sold out on - but keep an eye. It's gone from Sorry.

Thank you so much to everyone that came to Stylist Live last week - it was so lovely to meet you all.

This week Amanda and I are off to Liverpool and Manchester with Pixi and Marks & Spencer.

I literally cannot wait to go home to the Red land and hope to meet loads of you there.

One of my lovely readers Ashleigh has an Etsy store and sells unique cutout cards - she gifted me this in Newcastle. How spectacular is that?? You can find Ashleigh's shop here:
Thanks Ashleigh - it's going in a frame in my office next to my qualifications, where it belongs. ;)

Further info if you're coming along this week:

Marks & Spencer
35 Church Street
Liverpool, L1 1DF
Thursday, October 27th 2016
12PM – 4PM - with 2 Q&As at 12pm and 2pm.

Marks & Spencer
7 Market Street
Manchester, M1 1WT
Friday, October 28th 2016
12PM – 4PM with 2 Q&As at 12pm and 2pm.

And finally a couple of personal ones if you don't mind indulging me...

Please follow the lovely Lauren via @girlstolelondon as she starts her treatment for breast cancer. She's already tackling it head on and I'm sure she would appreciate your good thoughts.

My lovely nephew Joe married his gorgeous fiancee Rowena yesterday. Welcome to the family Row. Congratulations Guiseppe. ;)

And lastly, it's my gorgeous nephew's birthday today. Happy Birthday Ethan. Lots of Love from Auntie Caroline. x

See you next week!

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  1. No no no fannies deserve better than wipes!!

    Trying so hard not to buy the Liberty Advent calendar

  2. Thank you so much Caroline. I love you very much xxxxx

  3. Super to see you in Newcastle x

  4. The advent calendars..... oh my word!!! love ❤️ xxx

  5. Thank you so much Caroline for sharing the card and my Etsy shop, I really appreciate it! Glad you liked it ;) I had such a fantastic time at the Pixi roadshow, really enjoyed it...... that Liberty advent looks SO pretty! x

  6. You should do an advent calendar with Cult beauty!

  7. I wish advent calendars were a thing in the US, but ours would likely be utter rubbish. :\ I'm jealous of all your folks with great advent calendar choices!

  8. Aveda Hand Relief always makes me giggle like a 13 year old :-)

    1. I was on counter when it launched. Mortifying.

  9. The Liberty calendar sounds amazing! But is a Le Labo full size really only 15ml?

    1. Ooh fair point maybe that's a typo on the release??

  10. Hi Caroline
    I have just ordered 3 30 ml Clarins fig scented hand creams from If you understand basic French maybe you could order from there.
    Cheers Shanene.

    1. They won't deliver. But I'm in Paris next month maybe I'll track it down! x

  11. Hello Caroline. In Portugal we don't have the habit of Advent Calendars, but as I went to the UK several Xmases when I was a teen I brought this habit into our house. Now I'm married and we have an advent calendar we fill with goodies every Christmas. But this year I've decided to indulge in a calendar just for myself, so I bought the L'Occitane one. I can't wait! :)

  12. Hi Caroline, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this afternoon's visit to M&S in Manchester.It was great to meet you & Amanda, & the lovely Pixi girls who were so enthusiastic & gave lovely mini facials & makeovers. I was the hollow-eyed, ovarian/brain gal, (but to be fair, I think my pores are ok...), & you gave me great advice & reinforced that much of the stuff I'm doing is right. I shall take your advice re serum & add the Power D to my regime. I would so love to have facials/treatments with you, or indeed the other lady you mentioned. I know that it would help to bring back some much-needed glow! Thank you for taking the time to advise me, I really appreciate it. The time I spent at the event really helped shore up my confidence, which was a little iffy following my encounter with the delightful neurosurgeon I mentioned to you. Hope the rest of the road show goes well, especially Dublin, which is my hometown, & is "like totally, you know, like awesome..". Will just sign off by saying that you're a glowing advert for your own words & expertise, even if certain American salespeople feel the need to "take that red down!". Have a fabulous weekend xx

    1. Ah it was very special to meet you. Thank you for confiding in me, and I couldn't possibly send you any more positive thoughts than I am. x

    2. Thanks so much, Caroline. I've ordered the serum, so will get cracking with that asap. Can I impose upon you one more time by asking whether you think a particular moisturiser/moisturiser would be of benefit? I'm chopping & changing between half a dozen or so at the moment, but not being particularly impressed. I'm topping up hydration a lot with May Linddtrom's jasmine fabulousness, alternating with Josh Rosebrook's Hydrating accelerator & Niod's Superoxide wotsit (I know that technical term won't baffle a woman with your extensive training). Just one more question-ette, if you have the time to answer: would you say the Niod regime would help me, is should I keep to what I'm doing, with the addition of the Power D? I do want to look good for my forthcoming foray into the world of ZZ Top tribute bands. May as well make the best of that other side-effect of my meds, the one that renders me a whiskered wonder. I always say a bearded lady lends a bit off added clarse to the occasion... Thanks, Caroline x

    3. I would try this one from Murad and the NIOD regime is good but there's a lot of info to absorb. If you want to invest, crack on! x

    4. Thank you, Caroline, I shall get Murading pronto. I used the Niod regime for a couple of months, whizzing back & forth to Brandon' s q&a session on your blog, which was very helpful. I'm thinking of getting the CAIS again, & presume it would be ok under the Zelens Power D. I am a mixer & matcher when it comes to skincare. I counted my cleansers when I got home from the M&S Pixi 'do', & I've got 23 of them on the go! Couldn't tell that to many people, but I know you'll be one of the few who will not only understand, but also say, "Is that all?". Not sure whether you're familiar with them, but the Lulu & Boo Chocolate Orange Cleansing oil is quite good, as is Pink's Boutique Hydrating Cleansing Melt. But nothing's beating the De Mamiel Calming Cleansing Dew at the moment; a much needed oasis of tranquil loveliness. Woof! Thanks again, really appreciate it x

  13. Hi Caroline
    They do deliver to UK. I live here in the uk and have an order on the way. I think postage was €9.90. Once on go to the bottom of the page and click on conditions de livraison (conditions of delivery) then click on the last question: puris-je me faire liver a letranger? That takes you to a list of where they deliver to, UK being one of them. They deliver all over Europe.