Monday, 7 November 2016

Bookish Monday

Did I need it? Nope. Will I use it? Maybe. Probably for one or two recipes if I'm being honest. One thing I do not need is more cookbooks. I have Delia's Christmas, too faffy. Nigella's Christmas, which surprisingly hasn't aged well. Nigella's Feast and How To Eat however, are dog-eared, How To Eat easily being my most-used and recommended cookbook ever.
Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook is lovely, reassuringly heavy and glossy and contains the usual brilliant photography of David Loftus. 

So if you like a cookbook - yes, are obsessed with Christmas - always, and don't need another cookbook but cannot resist, Jamie Oliver's Christmas is available here for £11.99:

One of the earliest big breakthroughs for my little part of the internet was this interview with Sam and Nic Chapman, aka Pixiwoo:


Once that interview went up, my blog reached a new audience and the site grew quickly from there.

Sam and Nic have spent years writing this new book and the attention to detail includes tutorials, beautifully photographed visuals, advice and loads of further information. There's even an app that you can use alongside it.
If you are interested in beauty, specifically 'how-to' type tutorials, this is a must. Available here for £9.99: 

After my recent find of Estee Lauder's Biography from the 80s, I went back into the archives and came across this on Amazon for a few quid. As you can imagine, it's a tad juicier than the official version, and doesn't pull any punches, which makes for a must-read if you're interested in all things beauty icons.

Estee Lauder's Beyond The Magic is available for differing prices here:

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  1. Can (and have) absolutely curl up with any of Nigella's books and read them like novels. How to Eat and Nigella Bites are my most-used by far. Also, Nigel Slater's Real Fast Food has loads of brilliant ideas for quick meals and I love his writing.

    Waiting for YOUR book, of course!

    1. I started cooking at 39 (!!!) with Nigella Bites and had amassed a huge stash of cookbooks, which were recently destroyed by a flood. No matter, I will just buy them again! Waiting for Face to hit my mailbox!

  2. Hi Caroline, first time commentator here! Quick question about something that I came across this morning whilst browsing IG with my brew and crumpets. A post by RoccocoBotanicals from 28th Sept titled "Are you using oils instead of moisturiser" It then goes on to say oils are not good for moisturising, they contribute to wrinkles, 'Cook' the skin and don't do anything to prevent skin ageing. (In a nutshell) So, thoughts? Raging? I'm making shocked angry face emojis in my pyjamas. Thank you kindly

  3. Hi Caroline,

    I’ve been reading your blog for – I think over a year? – and have benefitted enormously from your advice, particularly on double cleansing and acid toners. (As an aside, I’ve bought Pixi Glow Tonic for two friends so far and both of them are astonished by how much it has improved their skin).

    My latest need to turn to your advice came from a cluster of itchy, angry spots / rash on my chin. I literally Googled ‘spots itchy rash Hirons’ and your 2014 post on perioral dermatitis was the first result. I read it, and immediately booked an appointment with my GP. It turns out it wasn’t PD, but still something a prescription was needed for and it’s now calmed down hugely. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the self-consciousness, embarrassment and discomfort of a bad spot / spots (thanks to the routine I follow based on your advice!) and it was hugely comforting to know I could look at your blog and get impartial, effective advice. You really do make a difference to people - thank you for all of your advice, reviews and entertaining GIFs.

  4. Interested to see Caroline's answer to this one as know which word first sprang to mind when I read it!! I love facial oils and so does my super dry skin.

  5. I discovered you through this video and have been a loyal follower ever since. And I guess the same is true for cookbooks and lipsticks: You can never have enough of them.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  6. This is how I found your blog thru pixiwoo, I met you last week in dublin the tattooed girl I added in more oil and moisurser and i can notice a big difference already. Thanks so much!