Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Give and Makeup - an important update

Hi Everyone,

Please excuse the change of content for today, but I really need to update some information for Give and Makeup. I spent time with the team at Refuge today and there are a few issues that I have clarified/updated on the dedicated Give and Makeup here: but in short they are:
  • Postal charges. None of the addresses are freepost addresses. We have had a lot of parcels sent recently with either insufficient or in some cases, no postage. The team at Refuge have been picking up the slack out of their own pockets, in some cases large boxes have been sent incurring charges upwards of £40.00. Going forward, any parcels sent with insufficient postage will either be returned to sender, or if that is not possible, destroyed by the post office in their usual manner. Please check your postage is correct before you send.
  • Dirty/really old underwear. Good quality second-hand is fine (and much appreciated), but dirty, really old underwear is not needed. Seriously. Thank you. 
  • Lipsticks. Please remember that lipsticks need to be nearly new or new, not almost finished or sent with a broken bullet.
We have exciting things happening with Give and Makeup in the next month, including the shoebox campaign, and we are so, so grateful for all your support, and thank you in advance for taking these things into consideration.


  1. I'm absolutely horrified that people have been sending parcels without paying for postage. And as for the rest! This shouldn't need saying, people: IT'S FOR CHARITY. Sort it out.

  2. I worked for a while in charity retail and the biggest shocker for me apart from the amount of theft that goes on (by customers AND staff) was the appalling condition of some things that people see fit to donate. Broken crockery, torn books, incomplete toys and yes, filthy pants. SOILED pants. I came to the conclusion that there are two driving thoughts: "people who need charity should be humble enough to accept utter crap, and thank me for it." And "I owned that item and it is therefore imbued with my specialness and thus cannot be the utter crap it appears to be." Sadly, the dirty knicker donators are probably wearing ones that are equally horrid, because they think they're just fiiiiiiine. Yours is a great charity, I'm sorry you have these issues, I'm glad you said something about it and didn't leave your lovely volunteers to deal with it, ever grateful, silently (and rightfully) seething at the insult to them and to the women they're helping. Much love.

  3. Caroline, do you work with any Rep or Northern Ireland based organizations?
    Fyi - next time you plan to visit Dublin please check with me first..... Just Kidding of Course.....