Thursday, 24 November 2016

Zelens 30% Offer!

This time last year we ran an exclusive offer in conjunction with Zelens that proved to be insanely popular. Dr Lens has very kindly extended the same offer to you lovely readers this year. Tis the season to be jolly and thankful after all...

I'm always asked for recommendations when we run offers, so here you will find a list of everything ever mentioned by Zelens and reviewed on the blog: Zelens Content

If I was going shopping my must-haves would include (and I'm keeping it to three things in case you think I'm trying to give you a list...!):
  • Treatment Drops - Vitamin D 
    I use these on nearly everyone in the Clinic post-peel/aggressive procedures and they are phenomenal. One client credits them with practically curing the lifelong eczema on her face.
  • Z Luminous Brightening Serum
    Pigmentation tackler supreme, makes your skin look even-toned again.
  • Transformer Mask
    I admit I'm adding this one because I've had a shocker of a week (no heating/hot water. Loads of important functions - this will make sense this evening!) and I reached for this with a pleading 'For the love of God PLEASE make me look like I'm refreshed and in control because this is heinous town' - and it delivers. Every time.

As well as the 30% offer, you can also receive this Just Flirt Active Colour Collection (worth £70.00) with a spend of £125 and above (after discount). The Just Flirt Active Colour Collection contains one full size Black Flirt Mascara and one full size The Balm Lip Treatment.

What you need to know:
  • The offer is open Worldwide
  • Your code is HIRONS30
  • The offer is available from now until 11.59pm on Wednesday 30th November
  • You will need to spend over £180/€245/$330 before discount to receive the free gift
  • Gift only available while stocks last

Use your offer here:

Happy shopping! And thank you Dr Lens!

*This post contains no affiliate links. I am not being paid to run this offer, it's just something nice for you lovely readers. No sponsorship. Nada. See my full disclaimer here:
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  2. Hi Caroline,

    I've wanted the Z Luminous serum for ages now, but I just wondered, as it's a brightening serum is it safe to use if expecting? In the past I've used hyrdroquinone, which I know isn't recommended and ceased using a long time ago. So I just wanted to to check if you knew of any ingredients in this that is not the best to use at this moment in time for me?

    Many thanks


  3. Shatiiiiiiing!!!!!! Thank you for bringing this wonderful offer to our digital doorsteps - #hironsrocks ✌🏼️ Xxx

  4. Good deal, but not so much for international buyers. You get charged in USD and the vit c drops and luminous serum end up being around $300 aud if converted from pound, but when converted from usd it's nearly $500 aud on sale. Cheaper on cult beauty at the moment I'm afraid for international buyers...

  5. Hi Caroline!

    It has been 6 weeks since I last saw you and I'm nearing the end of my second bottle of Vitamin D Treatment Drops- so a huge thank you for the code!

    My eczema is still at bay and my skin is as smooth as my babies bottoms! I honestly hand on heart cannot remember a time in my adult life where my skin has been so clear for such a long period. I will be forever grateful to you.

    For anyone wondering how bad my skin was- let's just say, the day I visited Caroline, I could have been mistaken for playing the lead role in Nightmare on Elm Street. Seriously. Bad.

    I very much look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks. Big thank you again!
    Lara xx

  6. Can I say thank you to you both, this is a wonderful offer, yv

  7. Thanks so much for the code Caroline and Dr Lens! I picked up some more of the PHA pads and the brightening serum. What a great offer :)

  8. Thank you Caroline and Dr Lens! I think this offer is the best for me since it is $185+tax at I did have to pay shipping but $205 + $20(s/h) - $61.50(30% off disco) = $163.50 Can't beat that! Cult Beauty seemed cheaper but it was not able to ship it to US. Sooo again thanks for this wonderful offer!!

  9. Caroline, thanks so much for bringing this to us! I was hopeful that we would see a "Black Friday" deal from Zelens!!! I placed a huge order. :)

  10. Thank you so much!! I have been dying to try the brand and now I can. I bought the eye cream and the Vitamin D drops! :)

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