Friday, 30 July 2010

MAC Rodarte Collection - The Result.

Update taken from source - Temptalia - original post here.

MAC to Donate its Global Profits from the MAC Rodarte Makeup Collection to Benefit Newly Created Women and Girls of Juarez Initiative.
MAC and Rodarte apologize to the victims and their families in Juarez, the people of Mexico, the Mexican Government and concerned global citizens.

MEXICO CITY, México, July 29, 2010 – In response to public concern over the limited edition MAC Rodarte makeup collection, set to launch in fall 2010, MAC will donate all of its global profits from this collection to a newly created initiative to raise awareness and provide on-the-ground support to the women and girls in Juarez. MAC and Rodarte are deeply sorry that this makeup collection was so offensive to the people of Mexico and concerned global citizens.

This announcement follows a meeting last evening in Mexico City with MAC executives and Mexican government officials, including CONAVIM (Comisión Nacional Para Prevenir y Erradicar la Violencia Contra las Mujeres/National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence Against Women.)

During the meeting, held at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this collective group committed to working together on the overall direction of the new initiative to help the women and girls of Juarez and to raise global awareness of their plight. MAC executives reiterated their deep regret and reinforced that it was never MAC’s or Rodarte’s intent to minimize the suffering of the women and girls of Ciudad Juarez.

In the coming weeks, MAC and Rodarte will be consulting with members of CONAVIM´s advisory board, as well as other local and global experts, to develop a comprehensive framework that provides grants to local and international organizations with a track record of improving the lives of the women and girls in Juarez.

“We are deeply sorry and apologize to everyone we offended, especially the victims, the women and girls of Juarez and their families. We have heard the response of concerned global citizens loud and clear and are doing our very best to right our wrong. The essence of MAC is to give back and care for the community and our initial handling of this makeup collection was not reflective of MAC’s values. MAC and Rodarte are committed to using these learnings to raise awareness on this important issue and to leverage our unique platform to help the women and girls of Juarez,” said MAC President John Demsey.

“Rodarte is committed to using creativity for positive social change. As designers, we strongly feel it is our responsibility to use ideas and actions for the good of our global community and are truly sorry for the offense we have caused. We are raising our voices in support of the strong women and girls of Juarez and joining others who are working internationally to improve their lives,” said Kate and Laura Mulleavy, designers of Rodarte.

Well done everyone involved - especially the bloggers who kick started it. 

And well done MAC - we knew if you heard us loud enough you would listen.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

MAC Rodarte Update - What do you think?


We understand that product names in the M·A·C Rodarte collection have offended our consumers and fans. This was never our intent and we are very sorry. We continue to listen carefully to the comments we have received and have the following plans to address concerns:

We are committed to donating $100,000 to a non-profit organization that has a proven, successful track-record helping women in need and that can directly improve the lives of women in Juarez in a meaningful way.

We are changing the product names in the M·A·C Rodarte collection.

As we have done in the past, please be assured that we will communicate details regarding our progress in this matter.


We recognize that the violence against women taking place in Juarez needs to be met with proactive action. We never intended to make light of this serious issue and we are truly sorry.

Helping to improve the conditions for women in Juarez is a priority for us and we are thankful for all the comments calling attention to the urgency of addressing this situation.

What do you think?

Sunday, 18 July 2010

MAC Rodarte Collection - Whose genius idea was THAT?

Every so often a company makes a mistake. Sometimes it's a big one.

This is not one of those situations.

Knowing what I know - more of which later - this is not a 'mistake'.

This is SUCH a badly thought out campaign that I am, in all honesty, stunned that it has come out of the Lauder (who own MAC) camp.

In brief:

The new MAC collection is 'inspired' by the factory town of Juarez, Mexico. The very same town that the name 'femicide' was derived from.  What has been going on there for so many years is SO horrific that they gave it its very own name.

What in the name of sanity is INSPIRING about the rape, torture, mutilation and murder of over 400 women (official figures from the Mexican Government - the real figure is estimated to be in the thousands by support groups) I DO NOT KNOW.

These girls/women range in age from 12-22 (in general) and work in the factories of Juarez and Chihuahua. They work insane shifts for about £3.00 a day. The majority of them also have to walk to work in the factories - at all times of the day but usually at night.

And the problem is that a lot of them do not make it home. I would encourage you to read more about it here from Amnesty International. And even here from the most basic of all googled files - wikipedia.

So here's the issue:

The new MAC/Rodarte campaign has lines called Factory, Juarez, Ghost Town and Badlands to name a few. In context, this is about as sensitive as Toys R Us releasing a line of toy guns and calling them 'Columbine' and 'Dunblane'. That would never happen - we would, quite rightly, be in uproar at the commercialisation of horrific murders of children and teachers.

Why oh why did MAC and Estee Lauder not apply that same sense of outrage to the deaths of thousands of lower-working class Mexican girls and women. Maybe I just answered my own question. If these killings were going on in East Hampton or Los Angeles or Palm Beach they would never have even considered it. For. A. Second.

My real fury/shock/sheer unbelievability about this range is this: I know how long it takes to bring something to market.
And how many people are involved.

Most brands are currently finalising Fall or Xmas 2011. Beauty works more in advance than fashion - and that is saying something.

This means that around 18 months - 2 years ago, a group of NPD (new product development - probably about 5-10 people) sat around a table with a group from marketing (in a company of MAC's size - probably around 15-20 people) and said 'We've been asked to do a collaboration with Rodarte based around Juarez in Mexico.' 
And someone said 'Excellent idea!'
They would have signed off a critical path, added the range to their budgets and forecasts for the last quarter of this year, instructed the labs to provide samples, ordered the art department to do mock-ups of visuals, presented the new lines to 'senior management' - who would have to have approved everything, gone in to production, given samples to long-lead press about 4/5 months ago and trained their sales teams at conferences earlier this year.

AND AT NO POINT DID ANY ONE OF THESE PEOPLE - especially in Marketing and Design - say: 'Hang on, where is Juarez? Let me just google that....'
and then say 'Guys, you know what? I'm not sure this is a good idea. Have you actually read about Juarez?'

Come ON.

This line has been a long time in the making.

This is not a mistake. This is a long thought-out campaign - with very little actual thought behind it.  People in those departments would have researched the background/area/stories extensively before mocking up suggested visuals of the colour lines and presenting them to the powers that be for approval.  People at MAC KNEW the situation in Juarez and Chihuahua before this even got past the initial NPD stage. And yet they proceeded. Absolutely gob-smackingly baffling.

These are the real faces of Juarez:

Sally Field, Jane Fonda, Minnie Driver, Eve Ensler and Jennifer Lopez have all been involved in trying to raise the profile of what is going on in Juarez over the last 15+ years.

So what are MAC to do?

Well, their PR machine is in overdrive:

Our makeup collaboration with M•A•C developed from inspirations on a road trip that we took in Texas last year, from El Paso to Marfa. 
The ethereal nature of this landscape influenced the creative development and desert palette of the collection.
We are truly saddened about injustice in Juarez and it is a very important issue to us.
The M•A•C collaboration was intended as a celebration of the beauty of the landscape and people in the areas that we traveled.

Fashion. Seriously. Bite me.

We understand that product names in the M•A•C Rodarte collection have offended some of our consumers and fans. 
This was never our intent and we are very sorry.  We are listening carefully to the comments posted and are grateful to those of you who have brought your concerns to the forefront of our attention.  M•A•C will give a portion of the proceeds from the M•A•C Rodarte collection to help those in need in Juarez. We are diligently investigating the best way to do this. Please be assured that we will keep you posted on the details regarding our efforts. 

Please. Spare me.

This is not the time to dress it up and call us consumers (to distance themselves) and fans (to soften us up).

We are people and customers. Customers. THAT is why MAC have sat up and paid attention. This is a wealthy company. MAC's number 1 door in the UK turns over around £4.5 million a year. ONE outlet. £86538 a week. £12363 a day. £1236 a working hour.

'We are dilligently investigating the best way to do this.'

It's not rocket science. MAC know what they should do.

I realise it is too late to pull the line - and now that it is actually raising awareness of the issue - albeit in a way they may have preferred to avoid - I'm not sure it would do any good.

What they could do is say 'fair enough - we screwed up. How can we fix this?'

What you can do is give 100% of your net profits to a group that supports the families that are trying to give this cause the recognition it deserves - someone like Amnesty International or one of the numerous groups actually working in Mexico with the families of the victims.
Promote the cause all across your counters and stores and raise awareness. You have it in your power to do this.
You can afford it.
You do not need the money.

I'm not the only one. Beauty bloggers have come together in an unprecedented way and are posting about this issue simultaneously both here in the UK, in Australia, Europe and in the USA.
Please read their posts - each has a different take on the subject and all are brilliantly researched and thought out.
Something MAC could learn from.

MAC and Estee Lauder are responsible for some AMAZING campaigns in the industry. Evelyn Lauder I believe, is singularly responsible for the phenomenal way the beauty industry got behind, and continues to support, Breast Cancer.

I cannot believe that this sits comfortably with them.

Now is the time for MAC and Estee Lauder to pool their incomparable resources of people, money and power - and remedy this very bad wrong.

*Update - since this posted the number of bloggers that have taken part has reached well over 100.  This amazing group of people who all pulled together can be found here.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Emma Hardie Rejuvenating Night Cream

I know I'm a little obsessed with Emma Hardie.

It's not my fault. It started with this - one of the BEST cleansers I have EVER used. And I have used A LOT.

I love everything about it - the smell, the texture, the small amount that you actually need to use, the fact that it takes EVERYTHING off - waterproof included (although waterproof mascara is unacceptable unless you are attending a funeral - you have time to tint your eyelashes for everything else), the fact that it is perfect for your daily facial massage - more of that here and for the simple fact that it is non-mineral oil. Joyous. If you haven't used it - you should.

Well now she's gone and done it again. HOW. RUDE. Purses at the ready:

Meet Rejuvenating Night Cream - your new friend.

OK so firstly, this little pot of wonder? It's NOT SO LITTLE.  Emma is encouraging us to think of the bigger picture and use this all over the face, neck, decollete and down to the boobs.  All the muscles in these areas are inter-connected and thus it makes perfect sense.  Now, you couldn't do this with a piddly little 15ml pump.

So, for scale, and your viewing pleasure, here is the pot in all it's 100ml glory alongside something you may already recognise:

Yup. This is a MOTHER of a pot of cream. It is designed to alleviate dull, lifeless and ageing complexions. Hello??? She could have saved time and called it Caroline's Old Hag Cream.  

This glorious potion contains Platinum - yes - that Platinum - to energize the cells, Plankton (one of my all-time fave inci's), for the same purpose, Pumpkin enzymes and a whole heap of Omega oils and Flower extracts. It aids pigmentation, plumps, tones and firms the skin - and I am liking what I see so far.

I started following Emma's advice and used it every evening after cleansing - but I am loving it so much that I am using it night and day - all over the designated areas.

One big dollop does everywhere - and you know my favourite part?

It doesn't absorb immediately upon application. Always be wary of a cream that disappears as soon as you put it on your skin. It's a dead giveaway that it contains at least 2 things: synthetic 'pushers' and silicone. I'm not totally against silicone - dimethicone is ok - but I prefer it in my make-up which is designed to sit on the surface of the skin - not my creams.

And those serums/creams that are sold to you on the basis of 'look how quickly that absorbed! Your skin is obviously parched and needs it!' You know who you are. Bite Me. Synthetic pushers are basically a way of forcing something into the skin that would either a: not absorb on its own or b: not be welcome by the skin naturally.

This cream absorbs - but you need to rub it in.  And it's Sweet Blessed Relief (TM) when you do so.

Smells divine, feels rich but not thick, not sticky, and spreads a long way.

You'll need to wait until September to get it in stores but it is worth bearing it in mind and saving for it now. Early signs of ageing? You need it.  Busy, stressed lifestyle (who doesn't)? You need it. Used to paying less for your night creams? Splurge. Happy to pay in the 100's for your creams? Get a grip of yourself, and Save.

And I love the tag line on the pack: A visibly more youthful, vibrant looking skin. No appointment necessary.

Emma Hardie Rejuvenating Night Cream is priced at a beyond reasonable and affordable £56.00 for 100ml and goes on sale in September in selected SpaceNK stores nationwide.
Read more about Emma, her facials and her bee-you-di-full products here.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Lancaster Tan Maximizer

Just a quickie:

This little gem has been around for an age and is definitely classed as a 'hero' product.  And with good cause.  My Mum used to use it in the 80's and she has definitely passed the habit on.


I had a little day trip to Bath at the end of June - which happened to coincide with the hottest day of the year (till then).

And so it was that I ended up looking pretty much like this when I got home:


with less shell...obviously. 

I had vest marks all across my shoulders, a bright red decollete and a racer-vest mark all across my back.  OW.

Soon as I got home I slapped the TM all over my upper body and down my arms and have done so every morning since.


Not one.

Areas are now brown and getting browner.

It contains Heliosome - which stimulates your own melanin and boosts your tan by 80%.

Well it certainly did for me - if you are going away - get some. 

If you are an idiot who lets themselves get burned when you have been in the beauty industry for 15 years and frankly should know better - get some, put it on, and then give yourself a slap.


Monday, 5 July 2010

MUA Focus - Jamie Coombes, Dior Pro Artist - International and National MUA - UK & Ireland

The very handsome and talented Mr Coombes is the man to know if Dior is your thing - which I know for a lot of you - it is!  He is bracing himself for a huge Pro Team event coming up in Selfridges - form an orderly queue Ladies (and gents...) - no pushing at the back!

How long have you been a MUA working in the industry?
16 years .

When did you get your ‘big break’?
4 years ago when I was invited to be part of the Dior International Pro Artist team – there are only 10 of us from across all the international markets. We get the call to represent Dior internationally at events such as the Cannes Film Festival and Paris Fashion Week as well as contributing to product development and supporting events all over the world. There is a lot of travel which I love.

What advice do you have for aspiring MUA’s trying to get into the industry?
Start at art college and do a foundation art course – will give you a great basis for understanding the principles of  texture,  colour,  light and shade and even human faces and bone structure as there is a lot of life drawing classes. 

Who has been your best client so far?
They are all fantastic – I really enjoyed working with Michelle Rodriquez from Avatar at Cannes recently – she was very cool and down to earth. Working with Stella for the V & A Golden Age of Couture party where she walked the red carpet with John Galliano head to toe in Dior was pretty memorable too.

And your favourite job so far?
I really enjoy working on the Dior advertorials for fashion titles like Harpers Bazaar and Tatler. Being in a fashion environment with like minded people who are all aiming towards creating the best image is a fantastic buzz. I worked with Mary McCartney and enjoyed watching how she worked to bring everything to life.
The international shoots are a lot of fun too –I worked with titles such as Elle Taiwan when I visit the other markets – they really encourage you to go as far as you can creatively.

What are you currently working on/who with?
I'm preparing for a big Pro Team Event at Selfridges to launch Diorshow 360 Mascara. Will be fun, my colleagues from Germany, Spain and the UAE will be here with me in London.
I have trips to Madrid, China and Russia coming up and the Marrakech Film Festival.

How many brushes do you own?
76 brushes (a MUA record - BM) but I have about 5 that I couldn’t work or live without (foundation brush, eyeliner, blusher and 2 eyeshadow brushes). They are from the Dior Pro collection.

And which one is your all-time favourite?
Foundation brush - I use for blending on top of foundation and on top of powder.

What do you consider your speciality?
Speed, I can work very quickly . I love working with monochromatic palettes and creating different textures and finishes with only a few variations of shades and I love showing people how to really apply mascara for best effect – I tend to use a few different types and wardrobe them on top of each other.

What is your favourite brand, and why?
Dior of course because of the heritage, and the constant quest for perfecton. There is always  something innovative and new brought to the table from Creative Director, Tyen and John Galliano. Everything that’s created is done with a perfectionist’s eye.

Your kit is on fire – and you can only save 5 things. What are they?
  • Capture Totale foundation because you only need a tiny amount and perfects skin really well
  • Lip Glow – its a balm that will work with the pigment of your own lips, so lips look coloured and protected
  • Eyelash Curlers from Muji – I like to replace them regularly
  • Papaw Australian ointment - no strong smell and prefer to 8 Hour Cream
  • Diorshow 360 Mascara – clients are going to be blown away by how easy it is to create a professional looking eye using this
    And if I can have one more! - Dior Eyebrow Styler which isn’t available in Europe, only Asia and States –its a great universal shade so I stock up every time I travel.

    Jamie Coombes, Dior International Pro Team Artist will be taking up residence at Selfridges, Oxford Street between 21 – 24 July with his fellow Pro Team artists from Spain, Germany, and the UAE. 
    Book an appointment and brush up on some international beauty secrets (and your languages!).
    Call Dior at Selfridges to book your place 0207 318 3696.

    Sunday, 4 July 2010

    Giveaway Winner

    Thank you all so much for your entries into my first giveaway.

    The winner - picked at random by Mr Mouth - was LittleMiss.

    I appreciate all the feedback and shall be planning future posts very carefully as requested!!!

    Much food for thought!

    Thank you again - and please keep reading!