Sunday, 30 November 2014

Empties November 2014

Videos are back! Thank you for waiting. Been a tad busy but hopefully back on some sort of pattern now.

This is an empties video and the products featured are:

Jonathan Styling Creme - this has been on my channel before and is just gorgeous. Creamy, smelly (in the best way) and the perfect grooming/bun cream. 
$24.00 from

pixi Flawless Beauty Primer - this has been on the blog before (here) and is my most-grabbed primer. Glowing, healthy, skin in a pump. Available on

(I Am) A Sex Goddess by Neotantric Fragrances - I swear they named this just for that moment when you are asked what you are wearing. Peach, pink pepper, tuberose, vanilla - made for me basically.
It has disappeared from everywhere in the UK except Amazon here.

Kate Somerville Nourish - again a blog and vlog repeat. Easily in my Top 5 favourite moisturisers of all time. Good for all skin types. Available on

Sunday Riley Start Over - No surprises here - you've seen this before (repeatedly) on the blog. Suitable for all skin types and all eyes. Available on 

BioEffect EGF Eye Serum - Previously discussed on here as a major concern, I am currently converted. In short, the BioEffect EGF is plant-based - copied from human DNA not cloned directly from human cells like other EGFs.  Available on

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Clarins Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream VS Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream

Just over a year ago I wrote this post about the genius idea that Clarins had to discontinue my beloved Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream and replace it with update it with the new Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream. Any beauty fan will know the horrible feeling when something you love using is being discontinued. Annoyance followed by stock-piling of said product usually ensues. In this case Clarins assured those of us that loved the original cleanser that the new one would be the same with the added benefits of being anti-pollution. My first thought was, admittedly, 'Well of COURSE it's anti-pollution, it's a frigging cleanser DUH?!'.

Now it's not that I hate the new version, as you can see I gave it a good go. It's just not the same. Excluding the fact that they got rid of the lovely tub (I know some of you prefer the more hygienic tube, but whatevs), for me, it's just not as good at removing all of my makeup, the original gets rid of all my eye makeup, the new one leaves residue.
It is however, perfectly acceptable as a skin cleanser (second cleanse) and that is what I use it for. If push came to shove, I would stick to the original Alpine Herbs or Gentian versions.

*sad face*

Clarins cleansers can be found here:

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cheat Sheet - Perioral Dermatitis or 'those red annoying spots that won't go away'

So. A really quick and simple one:
  • You've had spots/redness/flakiness/looks like eczema/you thought it was acne but it isn't - for ages in one place around your mouth or nose (or eyes - poor you). They're not particularly big, they don't seem to want to LEAVE and sometimes they seem to multiply.
  • You have clusters of spots/redness/flaking around your nose that laugh at you and say 'nice try!' when you apply spot treatments
  • You have clusters of spots/redness/flaking around your mouth that laugh at you and say 'nice try!' when you apply spot treatments
  • Sometimes they sting 
  • Sometimes they burn
  • Sometimes they flake over and literally peel off
  • Sometimes they go, disappear altogether and give you a sense of satisfaction - then POP BACK UP AS IF LIKE MAGIC
  • The thought of using exfoliating acid on the area makes you feel a tad faint

Sound familiar? You may have perioral dermatitis (or periorifical dermatitis if it's your eyes). No panic or worry required, it's very common and easily fixed. If though, you ignore it, it can spread. And even when you get rid of it - it will probably come back, so best to arm yourself in preparation.

While it occurs predominantly in women aged 20-45, giving it a possible hormonal factor, men and children can also be affected. The causes are multiple and the triggers can be a combination of differing things:

  • reaction to some cosmetic products
  • reaction to steroid creams (often referred to as steroid rosacea)
  • strong winds/UV light (think joggers and chapped faces)
  • hormonal contraception
  • dribbling in your sleep (that's attractive)
  • fluoride in toothpaste
  • SLS in toothpaste/cleansers

The parts of the face affected are near areas that are warm, dark and wet - the perfect combination for bacterial growth.

It's easily treated. If you know it is a recurring problem visit your doctor, you will either be prescribed a topical cream or oral antibiotics if it's really severe. I'm writing about it now as it always flares up on me in winter. I just got rid of a round of PD on my mouth. I used Bactroban for a few weeks as it wasn't severe enough for antibiotics and I prefer to keep those for something major....

It varies from a tiny patch of redness to severe flaking and bleeding so I'm not using pictures as it's so different in everyone. The Google link for pictures of mild PD is here - if you had severe PD you would probably have already been to the doctors.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Instagram catch-up and I promise I haven't fallen off of the face of the planet...

Hi Everyone.

I don't know where the last few weeks have gone but I do know that I've hardly been around either here or on YouTube. I can only apologise and thank you for sticking around. It's a little calmer around these parts now and there should be more activity going forward!

I haven't completely fallen off the face of the planet though...

I took Max and Ava to Tanya's new launch where.....

they hung out with some of my favourite people....

House porn. That is all.

This is beautiful...

Poor Max. 'Smell this.'


gives me joy.......

New from Nude next year...

Antonia Burrell and I were among the judges at the Stylist Skincare Awards

Gave a talk at Mumsnet's Blogfest with Lucy Mangan and Sali Hughes...

Took the kids to see the brilliant Miranda Sings in Brighton. Go. She's BRILLIANT.

Hung out with Sal from Hampton Sun... One of these people needed their roots doing....

and Tony from Anthony for Men...

Went to see the Counting Crows with Ruth where we both looked V ATTRACTIVE not.

Bobbi's Christmas is just beyond....

As are these from beefayre...

Sorted  my storage! This is before.....

Had a blissful few hours at the hairdressers until I read this monstrosity.....

STOP THE NONSENSE. VASELINE? Cotton pad? Really effective? At what? Making your face fall off?

And that would be me circa 1984 captured in a Duran Duran documentary bunking off school to see them arriving at Manchester Airport. As you do.
I'll see you really really really soon on YouTube.

It's that time of year again....Give and Makeup Shoebox Appeal

As with the last 4 years, we are running a Christmas Shoebox Campaign for the children and young people living in domestic violence shelters across London. They are sadly busier than ever and this year need your support even more than in previous years.

They can have anything - pyjamas, clothing, slippers, books, crayons, colouring books, suitable dvd's (they will be checked anyway), toys, sweets, chocolate, magazines - pretty much anything that you know a child/young person will appreciate.

As always please ensure the following:

  • gifts are suitable for ages between newborn and 15
  • no toy weapons
  • no borderline 'sexy' items of underwear (it has happened in the past)
  • no items of a religious nature
  • new or nearly new please 
  • boxes can be packed according to one child/gender or a mixture across all ages

Please send your donations to:

Give and Makeup c/o
Pardip Barmi
PO BOX 855
W4 4AW

Thank you so much for your continued support. You are changing people's lives.

For all information on Give and Makeup please see here:

Monday, 10 November 2014

An Evening or Two with blow LTD.

If you live in or near London please do come and see me next week if you can. I'm talking about all things skin (and Liverpool's current pathetic form given half a chance) at both the original blow LTD. store in Covent Garden and their brand new addition in Canary Wharf.

Times and dates are below if you are interested. 

Tuesday 18th November – 6-8pm
St Martin's Courtyard
8 Slingsby Place
London, WC2E 9AB

Wednesday 19th November – 6-8pm
Mall Level -1
Jubilee Place
Canary Wharf
E14 5NY

Tickets are £15.00 and are redeemable when you spend over £50.00 on the night and include prosecco and popcorn (two lovely P's).

To book tickets look here: