Monday, 11 April 2011

Happy Birthday to The Blog!

Today is the 1st birthday of the blog.

Pic courtesy of Dr Lulittle
 You've been reading my rants/advice/putting up with me for a whole 365 days.

Doesn't time fly when you're stressing about what to post....anyway: a few things I've learned....and a few Thank You's

Things I've learned:
  • there is such a thing as too much information - not everyone needs to know you found a grey hair - down THERE - although it may lead to one of your most-read posts.
  • if you have lost your blogging mojo - don't worry - people will wait for you - and if you read THIS blog you'll be sitting there thinking ain't THAT the truth.
  • Twitter is not the place to vent to SOME people - that's best done in a bar - and if necessary with your bat...I'M KIDDING. Jeez. Kinda.
  • You can have too many body lotions.
  • People actually use Google Follow because it makes life easier for them - I need to get over my 'I'm not doing it for the numbers' attitude - you'll notice its back - over there on the right...
  • Bloggers are in general - great, funny, lovely, interesting people - I have made friends (and the odd enemy - muahahaaa) for life.
  • Something good can come from ranting about skincare - Give and Makeup was spawned out of an idea for a blog post...
Which brings me to...

The Thank You's: (It's Highly Unlikely I'll ever win an Oscar so just let me have my moment please thanks)

Louise from Get Lippie
The person who muttered the immortal words on twitter: 'Just blog it bitch.' That's right - blame her.
Partial to a chicken wing and the odd glass of red. And don't get her started on lipstick. Reads me almost as well as my Mother - in fact thinks she IS my Mother occasionally. The Hilda to my Evadne. My first port of call with my 'What do you think of THIS?' questions - whether it relates to the blog - or a certain wine.

The beyond fab Grace from London Makeup Girl
London Makeup Girl has directed more traffic to my site than anyone else - I don't know what I did to deserve that but I am eternally grateful *curtsies*

Yinka from Vex in The City
The only person who hasn't known me since I was a teenager to call me Caz and not only get away with it - but I like it. Guaranteed to make me laugh just by giving me the *sideeye*.

Kate Shapland and Grace Timothy
Loveliness personified - the pair of them.People who can string quite a lot of words together in an intelligent manner and also - added bonus - know how to spell.

The girls from Just Nice Things
Especially Helen - a fellow metalhead with fabulous taste in long haired tattooed men.

Big Fashionista and Bangs and a Bun
The other two thirds of my Bananarama Bat Gang. The first to step up to the plate if needed.

All the PR's that have helped me throughout the year - its a big transition going from dealing with long leads to dealing with bloggers - and 99% of you get it right every time although some like to focus on the 1% that don't. Thank you.

And to all the Brands I have worked with - thank you for trusting me and knowing that I blog because I enjoy it - not because I can break your embargo. And thank you for not flinching when I turn up to meetings in adidas trainers. You rock. All of you.

And a couple of thank you's for their help with Give and Makeup

Charlotte from Lipglossiping for the visual used on the site and
Priya from Beauty Wowza for all her help with the graphics. Ailsa and the team from Beauty Bay for going above and beyond.

And thank YOU lovely people for reading - thank you for the comments, the abuse, the laughs, the questions, the product swaps and the advice.

As a thank you I have used my wiles, sales skills, general powers of persuasion and to be honest, good old-fashioned blackmail to bring you a gathering of my favourite products from the year as giveaways - the likes of which you may never have laid your pretty eyes on.  So here's what I suggest - get following the blog (in for a penny...) and hold on to your hats - we have giveaways coming up from: Elemis, Murad, Nars, Emma Hardie, Alpha-H, Dr Perricone, Jergens, MAC and Daniel Sandler to name a few.

You've put up with me for this long - it's the least I can do.



  1. Awwww uses aforementioned bat to use as a candle.

    Happy birthday Hun. Here's to many many more.

  2. Happy Birthday to a truly fantastic blog, which is always worth the wait!

  3. I do not think I am your mother! Although, I am appalled that you go to meetings in your trainers. And do you have glitter on your face? You are NOT going out dressed like that, madam! I don't care how old ...


    Don't squash me, Hilda! I'm only little!

  4. Aw, cheers love!

    Happy Blog Birthday! Thanks for the lovely comment - you know we're always ready to help.

    Hope you celebrate your first birthday in style (with red wine and cake)!

    Roll on the first Give And Make Up...

  5. P.S. We've discussed this: YOU are Hilda, and *I* am Evadne.

    Though, I suspect we're more Statler and Waldorf. You're the Ernie to my Bert.

  6. PPS Is it your birthday? You should have said ...

  7. I just found your blog,happy birthday 2 it :) Im also a metal head James from Metallica is my ideal man!! off to read the rest of your posts now xxx

  8. Happy Blog Birthday! I rememnber when I first found your blog after being directed to it by Beauty Diarist and I read every post straight away. It is rare to find such valuable information all in one place so a big thank you! x

  9. Happy 1st Birthday Ms. Mouth. You are the bestest. xxx

  10. Happy Birthday mouth of many wise words. I love the humour you bring to your blog. Good luck in year 2! xx

  11. Happy birthday! I love your blog, so much great information and your tips on treating rosacea have helped me a lot so thank you! x Klara

  12. Happy Birthday! I had no idea you were *younger* than me, maybe that explains the lack of grey hairs? I applaud the wearing of Adidas to meetings. It makes me feel much better about wearing my Converse to invigilate exams ;)

    I love your blog Caroline and I think it's testament to the fact that great content will keep people coming back and that you don't have to post daily to achieve a following. The other thing I love is that your personality comes across in your posts and tweets. Even if you are talking about accidental bush fires....

  13. Happy birthday to a brilliant beauty blog!

    Emily xX

  14. Happy blog birthday. So glad you started writing it, and after only a *bit* of nagging ;)


  15. Aah thanks Ladies - you all rock. Big time.

    I heart you. :)

  16. Happy blog birthday! You have a great blog and and I love reading your posts, here's to another year! x

  17. Happy birthday!:)And thank you so much for a great blog.