Friday, 9 May 2014

Appointments Update

Hi Everyone.

I just wanted to give a quick update as to appointment availability etc.

In short, our office building has been sold (how RUDE) so we are being booted out moving out at the end of May. I am going to concentrate on clients (brands), You Tube and this lovely little blog for the Summer and regroup come September.

I will still be doing store appearances etc - more info on that on this page - which I will keep updated.

In the meantime, I will still do my best to answer brief queries via twitter/comments on the blog and you tube - and if you do see me out and about, do grab me (not literally, that would be weird) and I'll help if I can.


  1. Thanks for the update Caroline, and how rude indeed!! Can you recommend a serum for dehydrated/very dry skin. I've been using the Merumaya, but it sits on my skin for a long time before sinking in, a loooong time. Thanks.

  2. Can I just say how much I enjoy your blog, twitter and now your tube videos, (which you need more by the way). Quick question. I have mature, dry, dehydrated skin and can't seem to find any products that work well with my skin. Products go on well and seem to work until I put my foundation on. After about 30 minutes my skin feels a little dry and looks like lizard skin to me. Any suggestions??? What foundations would be good for my type of skin. Please help! Thanks!

  3. Hi Caroline, hope you're well! Just a quick question - I have normal to dry skin and recently had a deep blackhead on my cheek that I squeezed (I know, I know....not good!) and now I am left with a tiny hole/pit in the skin. Could you suggest any products that would help heal it/make it less noticeable? Many thanks in advance

    Debbie xx

  4. ugh, that stinks about having to leave your office :(, hope you find a new place. i don't mean to segue this into making this all about me, but i have a Q i've been meaning to ask..

    couldn't seem to get a good answer from searching, so maybe if you (or anyone!) has a suggestion, i'd be thrilled! in my teens i had a tendency to get some nasty cystic acne on my chin, i'm not sure if it left scars or if there's still nasty gunk in there (eww) but i still feel bumps where they used to be. kind of like under the skin zits. you can't see them but they bother me a bit :(. not sure if it would help posting my routine since it changes, and the bumps have been there for quite a while….

    and thank you for reading this long winded comment about my chin woes! your expertise is so, so appreciated.

  5. I find it so wonderful that you are so welcome to questions. Thank you so much.

    I have a question/blog post request/video request. I know a lot of people have had this same sort of query, as I've seen it time and time again in the comments. I have seen a few of your specific replies, and applied your responses to my situation as best I could, but some overall scope on the topic would be marvellous .I usually end up cleansing 3 times a day rather than two. This is either because I work out (and cleanse after) or because I want to switch up my makeup completely before an evening out (cleanse before this). I just wonder sometimes if I should be doing a full double cleanse at these times (which is what I generally do, as I'm usually taking off makeup/spf) or whether two double cleanses per day, along with a single AM cleanse, is a bit much. It doesn't really seem like it to me, but I occasionally doubt myself, and I feel like a bit of advice from you on the topic would set me straight. Again, I know I'm not the only person who wonders if they're over/under-doing it, so I think that, if you're up for it, an enormous essay on the topic would be well-received. :)

    I have one mini question also. I've recently started to use Alpha H Liquid Gold, and I love it. The day(s) after using it, I've been applying SPF, even if I'm just spending my day inside the house. Is this necessary? I know that your views on sun damage aren't as absolutist as some other people's (the ones who say that only SPF50 every day is good enough), so again, I just want to ask you if I'm doing OK or if this is a bit OTT.
    Thank you so much, Caroline :)

  6. I'm going to use this opportunity to ask a regimen question, because your advice has taken my skin to a whole other level and I'm eternally grateful, glowing and makeup free today.

    Day: Ceramic Slip Cleanser, Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner, Serozinc, Start Over Eye Cream, Chanel le jour, Aesop face oil, pepta bright, hydraluron and kate somerville moisturizer

    Night: Clinique balm cleaner, Aesop FF Wash, Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner, Serozinc, Kiehls Midnight Eye, Chanel chanel la nuit, Aesop face oil, pepta bright, hydraluron and kate somerville moisturizer

    I like masks and use a few weekly.

    I have SR Good Genes - and love it, but am not sure how it fits now. Does it have a place in the above regimen? Also, I'm 36 and though I feel really good about the above am wondering if there is more I can do it ensure that I continue to age like a champ. I'm a medium skin toned African American woman so I worry a lot about dark spots. The like to hang out for awhile.


  7. Hi Caroline,

    I'm 23 and I'm just starting to get serious with my skincare (Dry skin). What products should I be using? Can I use more general anti-aging products (heavy moisturizers/eye creams) or should I steer away from those till I'm in my 30's/40's? I'm looking to invest in some good moisturizers especially for my eyes but just don't know which ones are suitable/good for my age group.

    I currently us Emma Hardie's Cleansing Balm, P50, Dermalogica SPF 50, Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate and Neal's Yard Rose Balm as my evening moisturizer, I also use Liquid Gold twice a week.

  8. Hey caroline!. i have reading your blog just under a year and first time commenting so here goes....basically had mild acne vulgaris during teenage yrs now 23 i go quite pink/red on cheeks and they are quite blotchy..i currently cleanse with sarah chapman balm..rose water..calendula oil at the moment..have tried chantecaille healing emulsion with lily n jasmine but not a difference.also have little dents from acne..any suggestions?.thankss

  9. Im excited to see you on the blog and "You-Tubes" more this summer. <3

  10. hi caroline...badically had acne vulgaris. now gone just get red blotchy cheeks..blemish marks...current routine is cleanse with sarah chapman balm..tone with rose water then calendula oil...and morning with eminence camomile milk cleanser and c-boost serum n environ avst 1 moisturer..also any suggestions for little dents left from acne?? thanks

  11. Hi Caroline,
    I was wondering if you would ever do skype consultation bookings for long distance clients? Hope your move goes well, I am loving your youtube videos so far.

  12. how inconvenient for you but good for us ! can you do some thing on menopausal skin post hysterectomy my skin following op last oct has changed dramatically and I'm struggling to understand it, thank u x

  13. Hi Caroline, any advice on dealing with congested skin? Thanks! (: x.

  14. Hi Caroline, I was on the wait list for an appt which I was told would be in June. Since it doesn't look like that will happen I will post my question here and maybe you can answer. My main concern is the size of my pores and oily, shiny skin.

    Morning routine:
    Renee Rouleau purifying face wash
    Pixi Glow Tonic
    Restoresea Renormalizing serum
    Coola sunscreen
    Eye cream
    No moisturizer in the morning

    Nighttime routine:
    Tatcha oil cleanser
    Pixi glow tonic
    Kate Summerville oil free moisturizer
    eye cream
    20 minutes later Philosophy Help Me (2 nights in a row). On the 3rd night I substitute a clay mask and Renee Rouleau BHC Clarifying serum. Then the next morning Kate Summerville Intensive Exfoliating treatment instead of my regular cleanser.

    I am 41 years old and up until recently was using some form of RX grade Retin A for the past 20 years (mostly Tazorac) for acne (but the wrinkle protection didn't hurt either!). Just switched to Philosphy's Help me. With all this I still see very large pores especially on my forehead and forever shiny skin which I have to blot. Gave up on foundation, etc as it never seemed to do much for me. Are there products I am missing? Am I exfoliating too much? Is my skin really dehydrated (instead of oily) which is producing oil? Hope you can help me. Thanks so much

    1. Hi Donna,
      I'm no expert at all but I recall Caroline writing in her posts that eyecream should go before anything else (right after your toning), that you should always moisturise (sunscreen is not a moisturiser) and that any SPF should go last as they create a barrier and nothing goes through after that.
      Not sure about the acne either as I only have the occasional hormone giant pimple on the chin that time of the month... but perhaps you're using too much stuff for acne (purifying/oil free...)? I don't know the products you're using except the Pixi Glow Tonic which I use too and find absolutely fabulous, it's just those names caught my attention... I used to have really shiny skin especially on the forehead, then I started using products mainly for dry skin (don't know why) and using oil cleanser in the morning too, and my skin took a turn to the better. Maybe you are being a bit too hard on yourself (skin wise :) ) with those products.
      As for the pores, alas, I think Caroline said that once they've become what they are, there's no turning back! Primers/silicone based stuff can fill them temporarily under the makeup, but that's all you can do.

  15. Hi! Since the winner can have a consultation by skype, does it mean that it is possible for the unlucky mortals that didn't win the consultation to pay for an appointment by skype?

    P.S: sorry for repeating this comment, but I REALLY would be interested in an appointment even by skype if that's the case.


  16. Hello :)
    I'm glad you started your YT channel!
    I red an old post about Routines (great btw), but I still don't know when to apply a face mask. After cleanser? After acid tone?
    Thank you! 😊

  17. Hi Caroline, please could I ask your opinion on using a benzoyl peroxide cream daily?

    I was prescribed this by my doctor recently after having problems with spots (possibly mild acne) that have come up seemingly out of nowhere. So far this cream has worked well for the spots although it is very drying. My skin became almost clear again and I stopped using the cream thinking the spots were healed, but after a few days not using it they flared up again.

  18. Best of luck finding a great new location! Here's hoping I can save up and get an appointment when they're available...

    QUESTION: I have super-congested skin, and I'm wondering if it's possible to over-exfoliate? I've just gotten a Konjac sponge and have been using Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (once a day) and Alpha-H Liquid Gold (once a week). Would it be too much to use the Konjac sponge once/twice per day as well? Now it's summer my skin's gotten oilier, also, so I've started using Ren Pore Detox Mask once a week, too. Anything that reaches the surface gets MB Drying Lotion, but usually they just stay smallish bumps, covering my entire face. Thanks for your help!

    ALTERNATE QUESTION: What do you think of Paul Stanley's autobiography?

  19. Hi Caroline,
    Just wondering what you studied after you left school as my daughter is keen to travel the path you have. Love to hear from you.
    Cheers Georgie

  20. Hi Caroline,
    Just wondering what you studied when you left school as my daughter is keen to travel done the path you did, do you have any advise that may help her. Would love to hear from you.
    Cheers, Georgie