Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Detox Kitchen Deli and Delivery!

The Detox Kitchen is the kind of establishment that makes the type of food that you think you can make in your head, but in reality fail miserably. In my case anyway...

Lily Simpson - a 29 year old chef - wanted to challenge the preconceptions of what a ‘diet’ is: “I’m amazed (and a little frustrated) at how often I've  heard the words ‘you can’t’ in connection with a diet. You can’t eat this. You can’t have that. I can’t live in a perpetual state of deprivation. I’m a chef. I wouldn't eat something if it wasn't tasty – so I want to prove that a ‘diet’ doesn't have to be faddy, unsatisfying and difficult to stick to. That’s why I created Detox Kitchen.”

All of the food made at the Detox Kitchen is free from wheat, dairy and sugar - and it tastes amazing. I tried the one day fresh delivery system - probably best suited to someone kick-starting a healthy phase, or to give you a trial of what is on offer longer-term. The food was fresh, really tasty and the portions didn't leave you starved.

I'm not always a fan of the word 'Detox' because the body is more than capable of taking care of itself and detoxing itself 24/7 - but in this case I think it literally gives the message that everything is good for you and 'takes the strain off'.

Moving on from their delivery service and the first deli in Harvey Nichols - they've just opened in Soho in Central London - if you're passing you should definitely give it a try. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and it's hard to go wrong with the choices. for more details and if you're a foodie look at the Instagram - serious food porn.


  1. LOVE THIS. WIsh they delivered to my post code :( Hope they expand their delivery radius ASAP.

  2. Oh this sounds great! A tasty diet which isn't unsatisfying and difficult to stick to.. have my prayers been heard!?? :D


  3. I actually stopped and very very very nearly almost went in for my lunch! It's still on my list of places to go for lunch though! xx

  4. This food looks so nice and tasty, and the whole concept is great! Shame I don't live in London, but will definitely try them when I am around.

  5. Mmmmmm, I hope it will come to NYC one day sight.....

  6. Yum! I haven't eaten yet and you're making me incredibly hungry!!! Haha.

  7. Love this...looks so delish! I must say that since removing sugar, most dairy, legumes and all grains (not just wheat) from my diet, I have never felt better and the weight literally falls off and stays off. Fat is not the enemy! Wish I was in London to try this place.

  8. It's funny how she bashes diets that says "you can't" and then go on to create meals without specific ingredients such as wheat and sugar, indirectly saying you can't have that.

    1. No I think she's catering to a large and growing number of people who can't/won't eat wheat and leaving out sugar is just good sense.