Monday, 8 December 2014

The Backups.

A few weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram of my revitalised and tidied cleanser stash. Some people noticed that I had more than one of some items and I got into a discussion about products that I keep 'backups' of... that led to this...

Products shown are....

Abd El Kader candle - Cire Trudon - my favourite candle in the world. The entire world. Ever.
Available from Cire Trudon stockists everywhere priced £60.00 (it's big, not Diptyque size)

Awapuhi Shampoo - Paul Mitchell Sulfate free, luscious, leaves no residue. Pretty perfect. More info available

Radius toothbrush - has to be used to be believed/obsessed with. SO much cheaper in the States. And you can pick left or right handed! More info on I literally cannot use another toothbrush now.

Oral-B Pro-Expert in Clean Mint - they've released more flavours/styles since the launch of the original, but this is still the best. Perfectly fine for sensitive teeth/gums too. More info on 

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter - I do hope the formulation doesn't change now that Boots have bought them, but I've been using this since it launched. It just suits my skin and doesn't feel sticky or heavy, you can get dressed straight away afterwards. £10.50

Show Beauty Working Texture Spray - I use this on damp/dry hair. It gives me 'oomph' without feeling heavy. I am in love with this product. has more info but the only place I could find it was at for £30.00

I Am A Sex Goddess fragrance by Neotantric - see previous video/posts!£65.00 - more info on

Emma Hardie Moringa Balm - I'll probably be buried with this cleanser. £49.00 supersize available at the moment for Christmas period.

Clinique Take The Day Off Balm - still relentlessly and unacceptably out of stock most of the time. If only Estee Lauder was a huge corporation that could afford to make tens of thousands of the things and you know, make money.


Available at all Clinique stockists including  for around £20.00 depending on where you purchase.

Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream - speaking of unacceptable, this is discontinued. The utter bastards. (See? It's driven me to swearage.)

Sunday Riley Charisma Creme - thankfully there are other milky/creams on the market and this one also has the joyous 'acid' ingredients (mild, don't panic). Skin cleanser, I personally don't use for makeup removal, but we all know I'm an awkward cow. £38.00 more info on

Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser - yes I own too many balm cleansers, but that's not likely to change in the near future. This one is probably the closest to Emma Hardie in consistency, but slightly 'lighter', if that makes sense! :) available on for £43.00

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser - I don't use many 'scrubby' products but the granules in this have me hooked. I am obsessed. for $75.00/£60.00

Sunday Riley Good Genes - 40% lactic acid and overnight usage make this a 'wake up looking like you on your best day' product indispensable. Use under an oil like Juno for extra glow power. 

Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Repair - Just a must-have. Simples. It's not cheap but then neither am I (see what I did there!?) :) You don't need this if you're not showing signs of ageing. You lucky swine.

Chantecaille Just Skin -  absolutely cannot live without. Often replicated, never mastered.
$67.00/£58.00 just as well it lasts almost an entire season (Summer/Winter) 

Chantecaille Loose Powder in Subtle - the best loose powder on the market. Talc-free, completely weightless. Adore. Will possibly outlive you. I've used 2 in 13 years and I use it every day. I'm not kidding. (wash your brushes!)

Aerin Rose Hand Cream - Never without. Backups of backups. Love. £36.00 from

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek-to-Chic Sex on Fire Blusher - they're never just called 'Nice Pink' are they? This matches my colouring perfectly. It's the only blusher that has taken the place of Nars Sin, and I've used everything. £30.00 from

Victoria's Secret Shiny Kiss Lip Gloss in Candy Baby and Love Berry - ignore the borderline-offensive and unnecessary 'fashion show' and underneath the naked, gallivanting women you find the most comfortable bras ever made and these glosses, along with the Chantecaille Just Skin, my most used items in my makeup bag. I think they were around 4 for £20 but we'll never know because they haven't organised the online part of the UK business yet. You'd think they were a huge multi-national, corporate business.


Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in No.1 - when in doubt, grab this. Never lets you down - whether it's for a quick dash of colour, the school run, or an evening out. £18.00 from 

Phew. Just a few items then.......... *eyebrow*


  1. Happy to see we share a lot of "back up " worthy great skincare items. I just stocked up my Emma Hardie doorstop size cleansers, bought 2 so that I can survive until next Christmas :-)

  2. I think I'll just copy and paste this as an Xmas list :)

  3. Boots have bought Soap & Glory? When did this happen??

  4. Hi Caroline, great video, yet again. I've been uhhming and ahhing over Clinique TTDO balm for a while. I now have enough boots points to get it - but do I need it? I hardly ever wear makeup, but I love balm cleansers. Do you use this as a 'skin cleanse' or just to remove makeup?

  5. I adore that Paul Mitchell Shampoo, but it isn't available for online shopping in Germany (or I am too dumb to find it), and no salon near me carries it.
    I buy backups whenever I stumble across one that does.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Look Fantastic and HQ hair stock Paul Mitchell and deliver free worldwide.

  6. Blimey! So many products! I wouldn't have the room to put them all haha. I do buy backups now and then (very rarely) but by the time I have gotten round to using it, I have forgotten I have it! x

  7. Thanks so much for this very helpful post. I am both a little in love and a little jealous after seeing all these lovely products. ;)

  8. I have just recently started buying back up products which i use often - it has changed my life haha!

  9. Love the storage system - simple, neat and chic!! Please tell us it's IKEA?? :-)

    1. They're muji boxes. Reasonably cheap between £1 and £6

  10. Yes vidication!!!!! My hubby & son think I'm crazy as I have back ups and often back ups of back ups, but do they ever run out of shaving gel or roll ons, I think not!! I always back up the things that I really love, my day and night cream, eye cream, serum,favourite face washes and masks etc and certain make up items, like foundation & mascara. I get agitated at the thought of running out of something and even do it with baking stuff and food stuff. I'm also so happy that I'm not the only woman to have a dozen face cleansers in her bathroom!!! Love your videos and cannot wait for the next one Caroline.

  11. Love this! I have a huge backup collection (i really hate running out of things and love when things are on offer) and I am glad someone else does this too :) I dont feel so crazy haha!

  12. Love the video! Quick question on the Chantecaille Just Skin (which I adore!) - do you wear this over your usual day cream and primer or just one of those?

    Thank you Caroline!

  13. I loved this video and post. I am getting my Mother for Christmas one of those Cire Tudon candles, so I must explore that scent. As well as the Whole Foods tooth brush. I just ordered the Tata Harper Beautifying Oil, would be interested to hear if you have tried that yet. I know it is a fairly new product. xx
     Caitlin Confidential

  14. Hi Caroline, I started following your blog exactly a year ago. Due to ignoring skincare for a while and pregnancy, my face was a mess. I found you accidentally and love you to death. Thanks for introducing so many great things I never knew existed such as acid toner and oil for face. I owe my skin to you. I am often told noways that my skin glows. LOVE YOU INFINITY.

  15. Finally know how to use good genes! Got a sample and was wondering how to use it.
    Oh also stockpiled clarins cleanser (I've got 3 tubes left) and panicking over it all being used up :-(. X x

  16. Hi Caroline,
    I am fully expecting you will not respond to this post as it is an older one, but on the off chance you see this and do...What has happened to Sunday Riley Charisma Creme cleanser?
    Also do you know what I can use an equivalent morning cleanser? Aussie so please only products that I can get in Australia. Thank you (p.s. I'm a massive fan of you and Sally Hughes- your blog and her book have helped me and my skin so much- so thank you :) )

  17. Hi, I'm not caroline, I was wondering that too, I called space nk the other day when couldn't find it online, the lady I spoke to wasn't sure but suggested it may have been discontinued as they had no stock in the stores either to send one. The previous one I had was sent from a store as they had no stock online. Best cleanser I've ever found, will be heartbroken if definitely is discontinued. I've just bought the Oskia cleanser to try instead. Cheers, Jo