Friday, 2 December 2016

Exclusive Kate Somerville 30% offer

Hi Everyone!

I'm thrilled to bring you another fabulous offer, this time from the brilliant Kate Somerville.

From now until 4th December you can receive 30% off all orders placed in the UK, the USA and Canada. You can use the code multiple times, and the code works across the entire Kate Somerville website.

To redeem the 30%, simply type HIRONS16 when prompted.

Things to bear in mind:

  • The code is live 2nd-4th December 2016 inclusive,
  • You will need to pay any import duties (the discount usually works out about the same as postage fees and import taxes)
  • All my previous KS reviews can be found here: Somerville
  • No, I do not know when they are coming back to the UK, neither do they. Believe me, I've asked. 

Happy Shopping!

Thank you Kate and team.

Don't spend all your cash. There's a nice box coming your way soon ;)
*This post contains no affiliate links. I am not being paid to run this offer. It's just a good deal for readers.
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  1. I've ordered a backup goat milk cleanser. Thank you Caroline!!

  2. I've been waiting for an excuse to but the deep tissue repair, thanks !

  3. Thank you, Caroline! Took your advice, exercised restraint in anticipation of the box but couldn't resist stocking up on Clinic-to-Go pads.

  4. Deep Tissue Repair needs replenishing, as does Goat Milk Cream. Thanks for the deep discount, Lady Hirons!

  5. Woohooo thanks for impeccable timing whilst I'm in hol in USA so can get free shipping. Nourish, and Goats Milk eye balm ordered with a free body oil and four free samples day is made! Thanks Mrs H! On another note, I love KS but why o why have they stopped Illumikate CC'd was so good and the best CC I'd ever tried (sad face) I've got a quarter tube left and am using it on special occasions only to delay the end of it!!!

  6. You are the best! Thank you!! Deep Tissue Repair has been replenished, trying to Dilo Oil as well :)

  7. Wow, thank you for the 30% off code! Amazing!

  8. Damn it. I was hoping that cult beauty were going to stock it and it would be the next reveal for the cult beauty box ;)

    Caroline will the full box reveal be available before the discount code expires?

  9. Damn it! I was hoping cult beauty were going to stock Kate Somerville and it was going to be the next reveal for the cult beauty box ;)

    Caroline will the full cult beauty box reveal happen before this discount code runs out?

  10. Enabler! I had just shopped their FF sale a couple of weeks ago, however 30% off was too good to pass up! I grabbed a few more things that I had missed or deemed as too expensive the first time around ;). Thanks to you and Kate Somerville.
    PS did they stop making their tinted moisturizer? I couldn't find it anywhere on the site.

  11. Thank you Caroline! I went mad and ended up with a savings of $90 and more freebies than I'll know what to do with... lets not do the math! Xx

  12. My stuff came today!!! Now, do I use it right away or wrap it up for Christmas as the Hubby did buy it...

  13. My stuff came today!!!! Now, do I use it right away or wrap it up for Christmas as after all the Hubby did buy it for me.