Sunday, 4 December 2016

Vlog 31

Friends, Kids and cats. That's pretty much it these days. ;)

Hi All!

Bit of a mishmash due to a very long and rude migraine.

Cult Beauty Reveal:

Pixi Double Cleanse:

Thanks for watching! See you next week.

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  1. So happy to hear you finally have gas for heating and hot water again. I live in NorCal I can't even begin to imagine what winter without heat would be like in London. Friends, kids and cats! This is up there as one of my favorite blogs. Would love to visit London during Christmas time just to see it all done up.

  2. I would really really love to hear if there are safe at-home devices for skin firming. I have great skin now, thanks to Caroline, but my 51 year old skin is starting to sag. I need help - I've read about facial exercise as well but how to know what is safe and won't cause damage? Any input would be so much appreciated.

  3. Will your double-cleanse be available in the US in mid-January also? Love the Vlog, and glad your heat is back!

  4. Hope you feel much, much, much better-er. You're hilarious, as always!

  5. Caroline coenzyme q10 can be very helpful for migraine x

  6. Oh I have so many feels for migraines. I've been getting them for over 25yr, mine are so severe I get botox and nerve blocks. But in terms of preventative care I highly recommend 1000mg of Magnesium and 200mg of B2 each day. I have medication resistant migraines (fun!) and this vitamin/mineral combination actually makes a big difference.

    Signed up for the beauty box and looking forward to your Pixi release. You are making me want to get my makeup done for a big ball I've got coming up in a couple weeks!

    Hope you feel better.


  7. Loving your sparkly tops where are they from pls?

  8. Congratulations on your new venture with Pixi!