Friday, 17 June 2011

Alpha-H Giveaway

Well it's time for the big enchilada. The giveaway to end giveaways for you skincare junkies.

In case you're not on twitter, or have been under a rock, Alpha-H has become the go-to skincare for those of us with concerns other than 'moisturise'. Myself and others have raved about the almost instantaneous results so much that there is less of a 'cult' feel and more of a 'must-have' feel to the brand. It helps that the people behind the brand are down-to-earth no-bullshit New Zealanders who will not make huge claims but will simply tell you what to expect from your skin once it is using the products.

The 'hero' product in the range is Liquid Gold. If ever a product was more aptly named...

To show just how lovely they are - Alpha-H have offered up a fabulous giveaway prize of the Liquid Gold family. Yep. The whole lot. You lucky lucky people (swines).

So: to win the following....

Or 'The Anihilator' as it's known to acne and dull skin.

Hardcore in a fabulous way. Not for the faint-hearted.

Makes you look alive when you frankly, don't.

A little light relief all over. Never far from my side.

Need the results of Liquid Gold but have pigmentation? Me too. You won't have for long with this little beaute.

  1. Leave a comment below saying why you want this giveaway - or your favourite Kiwi joke - whichever you prefer. I'm making the Alpha-H team pick the winner so do go to town..
Good Luck to all.
  • One prize worth £190.00
  • Giveaway open to current followers of Beauty Mouth only - it's a thank you for putting up with my infrequent postings and sometimes inane ramblings
  • One winner
  • Giveaway open until 11.59pm on Thursday 30th June.
Thank you Alpha-H!


  1. Ooh great giveaway!

    I'd like to win as currently I have no skincare routine and use a bar of dove soap to clean my face (I can see you wanting to shake me Caroline!) I don't moisterise and I'm getting on a bit so could do with a bit of help!

  2. Well, I guess my reason for wanting to win the set is quite obvious: I also belong to the people who have more skin concerns than just injecting their skin with moisture. Having oily, acne-prone skin, I've been using BHAs and LHAs for a couple years, but have had mixed results. I'd love to see whether fading my acne scars and improving the texture is possible it all - I've been wanting to incorporate AHAs in my skincare forever. I guess that would be it, plus I'd have something to talk about on the blog! That's all. x

  3. Tiptoe Shortbread17 June 2011 at 13:01

    oooooooooooooooo this is amazing! I so want to win because I've just started using Alpha-h, it's my last hope for my skin before going to the doctors about it and a guy walks into a bar with jumper cables. The bartender says, "You can come in, but don't start anything!"

  4. Crikey!! What an INCREDIBLE giveaway!!!!!!!!!! Please enter me for this - I'd be most grateful!!!

    I've been researching these products FOREVER as I struggle with dull, uneven skin tone and acne... after recieving a small sample of this from a friend, I know that nothing even comes close and that this is the only thing that works for me (trust me... I've tried EVERYTHING). I constantly look tired and no other skin brightener ("waker-upper" as I call it) has worked for me... until I found this.

    I've not been able to purchase any of the products so far unfortunately, I'm afraid they're a little out of my price range... I'm saving hard!!!

    Definitely a miracle family of products!

    x Katie x

  5. I'd love to win this little haul. Just like chefs who enjoy eating out, I may make skincare but I still love using other peoples products (well, when they're as good as these I do). I won't bore you with long winded stories of being a tired out Mum etc... instead my hilarious and not-at-all sterotypical Kiwi joke follows;

    A tour bus full of tourists stops by a farmer holding a sheep. One of them calls out "are you shearing?".
    The farmer yells back, in an unhappy tone 'No, get your own!'

  6. I don't have a fancy long reason for desperately wanting to win this giveaway other than this: I have some Alpha-H products already and frankly, they've changed my life.

    My skin has never looked better, my spots and patches of dry skin have gone, my oilier than Olive Oyl skin has settled to be just 'normal' and that makes me very happy.

    I will be using Alpha-H for the rest of my life so seeing as I'll be spending a large portion of my income on it, I think I deserve a little thank you :)

    And that's all I have to say about that.

  7. I would love to win this prize, I am currently on maternity leave skint and knackered with my 6wk old and I would love some pampering!

  8. I'm a follower via GFC as LMC1971.

    What an awesome giveaway! When I was younger, I would lay out in the sun every chance I got...and being from Canada, lucky that was only a few months fo the year...I loved to be tan. Well, needless to say, I've done some damage to my skin! Now older, I just turned 40 a few months ago and hopefully wiser, I've embraced the pale! For the past three years I've been so diligent about using sunscreens and "babying" my skin. The Alpha-H products would be a wonderful addition to my skincare arsenal!

    Ok, now here's a joke:

    A grasshopper walks into a bar and takes a seat, the bartender says to him, "hey, we have a drink named after you"! The grasshopper dryly says, "you have a drink called Stanley"....bahdum dah! LOL

    Pleasant day, Lisa

  9. Wow this is incredible. I'd love to try this and in doing so I guess I'll have to acknowledge that *ahem* my age is *ahem* well never mind but it's definitely the age to go for the big guns! I'd also be over the moon if any product finally gave me an even skin tone.

    I asked my other half for a Kiwi joke but since he's South African he told me loads of *really* inappropriate ones. So I'll settle for this one, in honour of the fierce rugby rivalry.

    Why can't Kiwi blokes take their girlfriends to the rugby? Cos they eat all the grass!

    I'm now feeling really mean so off to send some chocolate to my Kiwi friend.

    PS I follow via Google and I mostly read via my phone, which had to be replaced today. First thing I did when I got a new one was to curl up in the warmth of the library (seriously, what's up with the weather?!) and opened up my Google reader. Yay.

  10. Erm.... why me? I'm probably no more and no less deserving than anyone else here. My skin has always been uneven, dull and lacking nice texture. And I'm in my twenties! Eugh. Anyway, it would be nice to have a 'good' product for my skin to help boost my self-esteem.

    I like that this giveaway sums you up - good skin and a sense of humour. ;-)

    Joke time....
    Two Kiwi sheep standing in a field. One sheep says "Baaaaa...." ...another turns to him and says " Hey! I was going to say that!"

    Sorry, it's so bad.

  11. p.s. if I win this I will send you homemade cookies!

  12. oh, and the Alpha-H team too. Cookies all round!

  13. would love to win!! When I was living in Paris I met the nicest Kiwis--the entire family went on their son's honeymoon!! oh, and I won't tell you what they called the Aussies....

  14. I love Liquid Gold and the lavender mask in particular when I'm spotty and uneven. Also very fond of the brightening solution.

    And as I have no desire to offend the lovely Alpha-H lot, I shan't tell any Kiwi jokes as all the ones I've heard seem to be rather rude and involve sheep...

  15. I want to win this to try it out. The only Kiwi jokes I know involve sheep so not going to post those here. XD

  16. Amazing prize, so obviously I'd like to win. I don't know Kiwi jokes (honest!) so I suppose I'll just have to say why I'd cherish the prize!

    I want to win as I have never used a skincare range that I would LOVE. Sure, there are plenty of products that are ok, but nothing has grabbed me - EVER. If it did, it was only for a little short while.

    I have never had any skin troubles as a teenager and I think I might have felt a little too smug about it; because as soon as I turned 20, my skin started to act up. I've been trying to sort it out ever since (I'm 26 now) and no, nada, nicht, nothing.

    So imagine how intrigued I am now, having not read ONE negative review of Alpha-H on numerous beauty sites I regularly visit! I long to use it. I want it. I desire to feel the lovely creams and liquids... errr... Let's just say I am pretty certain that Alpha-H would sort. me. out. at. last! ;)

  17. Why would I like to win these amazing products that I have heard so much about..? well i have recently been put on medication and the side effects have been major acne breakouts. when once they have healed leave horrible redish/brown pigmentation marks where the spot has been. These products would be such a god send as i am getting married in august and would love to get my skin looking the way it was before the medication and to just feel more confident!

    Thankyou again for keeping up the amazing blog posts and thankyou ALPHA-H!

  18. Hiya :)
    I'd love to win this because skincare is an ongoing battle for me! I've tried all sorts of brands from simple to eve lom and it's really breaking the bank trying to find something that works for me!
    Also I don't know any kiwi jokes but they do taste yummy!

  19. omg if I won I'd be the happiest girl alive, my skin is being covered in acne atm and I no confidence whatsoever :/ i've spent a lot of money trying to find something that works & been wanting to try Liquid Gold for ages but just can't afford it :( wanna see if Liquid Gold really is, liquid gold!

    I've never used Alpha H products before (since there isn't a stockist near me and I never really liked ordering online) but I've always heard great things about the brand which have made me so jealous of the people who have access to these products!
    I've always liked skincare more than makeup and love trying new things. But nothing has really worked. My skin has its ups and downs but there really hasn't been a transformation (considering the money I've spent on skincare, there should be!). Now, I really just want something that works, plain and simple with no gimmicks. Especially with summer vacation coming up, I want to be able to go to the pool and surfing without worrying about my skin. I want to be able to have fun (without a stick of makeup!). Hopefully these can help me become more confident in my skin and as a result allow me to concentrate on having as much fun as possible this summer instead of being self conscious about how I look!
    Plus, I just love the name! I mean, who wouldn't want to use liquid gold on their skin?

    PS. I follow via GFC (as ann) and my email is

  21. Oh me Oh My! What an amazing prize.

    I'd Love to try some Liquid Gold.
    Fantastic product i've been told,
    I suffer with spots and open pores
    I want to be smooth without any flaws
    I've heard its great, ive heard its fab
    With special ingredients made at the lab
    I'd be so happy if you picked me
    So fingers crossed you hear my plea!

  22. I'm a Kiwi and I didn't even know this was a Kiwi brand. Shame on me! Anyway, I'm not going to tell you a Kiwi joke, instead I'm going to do what all good Kiwis do: tell you an Australian joke:

    Q: What's the Australian version of foreplay?
    A: "Are you awake?"

  23. I want to win as I have never used a skincare range that I would LOVE. Sure, there are plenty of products that are ok, but nothing has grabbed me - EVER. If it did, it was only for a little short while.Amazing prize, so obviously I'd like to win lol plzzzzzzzzz.


  24. please help i am havin hormonal breakdown,my skin is in free fall i kid you not!.greasy one day dry the next,ihave spent a small counties all years budget on skin care i kid you not would luv to try liquid gold heard so much buzz about it.but at the moment funds are low please help

  25. Well, since you introduced me to Alpha H and the iconic Liquid Gold, I want to try it all. It's been a miracle worker for me and now my Alpha H shopping list has grown exponentially ;o) Thank you Mrs H. Fab prize! x

  26. What do you call a Kiwi under a wheelbarrow? An engineer.
    R x

  27. I would really love to find a skincare product that stops a pesky pigmentation spreading underneath my left eye! This one sounds like it might just work, and if it does I can recommend it to my sis, my mum, my friend ....

    Thank you so much for all your advice. x

    Rachel at Artychoke!

  28. I would love to win this, because my skin hates me right now. It really gets me down and at the moment, my confidence is at an all time low. I've heard amazing things about this brand and will hopefully be able to try out some products when I get my next student loan.

  29. what a Fabulous Giveaway, Cannot beleive the whole range, what great prizes

    I would love to Win these goodies as i am going through skin issues, irritated whiteheads getting worse daily,blocked pores, red lumps and do not know what to do as everything i try is not working, am desperate to sort my skin out as it is so depressing and hate looking at myself in the mirror, as upsets me
    As it has got this worse,i do not go out and make excuses saying not well or something else, i have hit rock bottom and do not have any confidence in being seen as think what people will say about it
    not tried this range but heard about it
    would Love to see if this will sort my skin get, these products could be the one to help me
    i follow you via google and email
    email is

  30. @GeorgieGirl198529 June 2011 at 14:32

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    'John, its the Hilth Munister here. Sorry to bother you at this hour but there is an emergency! I've just received word thet the Durex fectory en Auckland has burned to the ground.

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    Three days later a delighted John rushes out to open the boxes.

    He finds condoms; 10 unches long; 8 unches thuck, all coloured green and gold. With small writing on each one.........


  31. Ooh! Epic giveaway! Ok, here I go, typing away; my greedy mitts shaking with excitement.

    It took me ages to think of how to explain why I deserve to win this magnificent giveaway. I suppose I don’t, really. My skin is... decent. Nice even (especially from far away). I do not have raging acne, I do not flake with constant dryness nor do I ooze with grease and my eczema outbreaks are, thankfully, confined to the colder of winter months. My skin is also, decidedly, not at all great. It’s oily in the T-zone and covered in biggish and un-purgeable blackheads. My cheeks are dry and covered in extremely annoying tiny red bumps. I have milia and an occasional spot. In the winter I get so dry that my face aches. In the summer I have to sop up the oil with napkins (so much for not oozing with grease!)

    On top of it all, I am an over-worked, under-slept, stressed out working mother and my skin is not at all happy. In my carefree, pre-baby days I didn’t think twice before spending my entire month’s pay on the finest of creams, potions and unguents. I can’t say they helped much, but at least I felt like I was trying. Now that I am a mum, I have neither the money to spend on La Prairie and its ilk, nor the patience with the overpriced and the under-effective. After my most recent and particularly vicious skin freak-out, I started to plow through all of the best and brightest beauty blogs to try and find the magic bullet that could turn my tired, moody skin into something a bit more like my son’s satiny cheeks and a bit less like the bum of an elderly elephant. I came across a number of helpful suggestions, yet only one product seemed to send nearly every beauty blogger into raptures of delight: Alpha-H. Not only do these products promise to banish most, if not all, facial woes and even, apparently, deliver on these promises, but they aren’t even extortionately expensive. I started to jump with joy and came running to my husband, telling him all about my find. Unfortunately, the result was not good. He felt for me, sure, and the products did sound great. But times are tough (for most people, I imagine) and a new skincare line was just not in our budget. I skulked away sullenly, dimming the overhead lights.

    So there it is: my sad, epidermal tale. Perhaps a fairy godmother at Alpha-H will take pity of me and help me have a face that looks less like ash and more like Cinderella.

  32. Hi,
    i would love to win this coz i m facing some fine lines issues or u can say premature aging. I m getting married in few months. i want to impress my fiance. I m sure These products would help me to look better and feel better. I have heard good things abt it.
    So plzz Count me In

    Already a follower via gfc as Sadi

    email :

    Good luck to me :)