Friday, 10 June 2011

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Giveaway

That's easy for you to say! Try 'Kurkjahn'. Well, fine, that's close enough...

Francis Kurkdjian is one of the world's leading perfumers. If you like fragrance, you have undoubtably experienced some of his creations - among others he has worked with: Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, Narciso Rodriguez, YSL, Lancaster, Kenzo, Arden, Escada, Dior and Aqua di Parma. Not too shabby. And he's younger than me. Swine.

Aqua Universalis is his best selling fragrance -  suitable for both men and women, it's really light and wearable and perfect for the summer months.

But that's not what I have as a giveaway. That would be too obvious. No dear readers, over here at Mouth Towers where I can do 5/6 loads of washing in a day without blinking - we like a laundry product. A lot. And I particularly love Kurkdjian's Aqua Universalis Washing Liquid.

Now if, like me, you wait until your usual powder is on offer at the local supermarket and then bulk buy, you'll appreciate having something special to do your smalls in! And your bedding, and your...well,...up to you really but mine is kept well away from teenage jeans...they get the Ariel.

If you fancy trying it for yourself all you have to do is follow Beauty Mouth and leave a comment below with a valid twitter id/email address. That's it. Lovely smelling bedding/knickers/jeans can be yours courtesy of the man himself.

Good luck!
  • One winner
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  • Giveaway ends Sunday 19th June


  1. HI! love the giveaway (& your blog!).

  2. Who can say no to beautifully smelling laundry! x

  3. I love Aqua Universalis, I can't stop smelling it.
    twitter: alipstickaday

  4. Yay for yummy smells.
    cutestuff42 at hotmail dot com

  5. Oh you do make me giggle! I'd love to give this a try for some divinely scented bedding. The Boy will need to make alternative sleeping arrangements... ;o)

  6. This sounds wonderful!

  7. yay for giveaways!


  8. This sounds lovely, it would make washing a much more pleasurable task!

  9. Oh me please! I've fallen in love big style with Lumière Noire and can't walk past Space NK in Cov Gdn without popping in for a sniff. This way I'd get my Kurkdijian fix without having to traipse to London!


  10. Sounds fab, thanks. x

    the_beautyscoop xx

  11. Francis Kurkdjian
    Is the Man
    To make me a Fan
    (i am anyway and had 5 hours sleep total in the last 3 days so you must forgive my effort!)

  12. I want this!! A new unguent area to discover; heavenly laundry. Might turn me into a domestic goddess. Maybe.@redbuttongirl

  13. Wow what an interesting product. To be honest ive never thought of washing my sheets in anything but usual washing powder.

  14. Sounds interesting, lol.
    Twitter: @pyaribeauty

  15. As i'm having problems sleeping due to stresses and strains of exams i would love to try it and have divine smelling linen.