Tuesday, 7 June 2011

And the Winners are.....!

Many thanks for all your recent entries in both the Emma Hardie and Daniel Sandler Giveaways...

I'm very happy to announce that the winners are:

Daniel Sandler - Product Pixie 'Patron Saint of Blusher' made Daniel giggle...


Emma Hardie - A unanimous ComputerGirl for this little gem:

Emma is THE best name,
I should know, we're one the same!
Caroline is pretty cool too,
Giving away good skin goo.

Why do I need it? I'll tell you why,
My skin is oily, my skin is dry,
My skin is a wrinkly raisin fruit fly,
My skin eats dirt, which makes it black,
Yet clearing it up seems an impossible task.

"Emma Hardie" Mrs Hirons says,
"Will brighten up bad skin days".
Beauty Mouth, well the girl never lies,
and that is why I would like this grand prize!

The poem wot I wrote ;)
Enjoy :)
Emma (Computergirl, not Hardie) x

Congratulations Ladies!! - email me your addresses!


  1. Oh my gawd; this is LOVELY news! Thank you Mouth & Sandler (clearly you need to start your own line called this btw) x

  2. Grinning hugely :) Ive wanted to try this forever- infact I have tried to try it, but it is always out of stock! Thank you so much to you and to the girls at Emma Hardie :) A great late Birthday gift :)xx